Where Are The Goals?

Is this a long-term problem, or merely a short-term issue?

Through 3 games, the Sens have combined for a total of 7 goals, an average of 2.333 goals a game.  This would translate to 191 goals a year, which would have been good enough for 29th over-all last season.  Ugh.

So what is this, the sign of the apocalypse, or simply a reflection of a team struggling to find it’s offensive chemistry?

I’m not sure, but I find it hard to believe Spezza is going to finish the season with 27 pts., and Kovalev with 0.

Is it the lines, the lack of time together, the system, or a true reflection of this teams offensive capabilities?

The one goal wins are all well and good, but this team is not going to keep getting points by scoring no more than 2 regulation goals a game.

C’mon Cory, get this offense going.



2 Responses to “Where Are The Goals?”

  1. I’m not in Clouston’s head, but if I had to guess he’s getting everyone on the same page first with a system and once they are in that zone I think we will see line change ups and the offense going up. Team first from the goaltender out – and then the creative aspect of the game. Just a guess, but he’s got them all working and committed to winning.

  2. I think much the same.
    I also think Spezza is facing a ot of change.
    Change in line-mates.
    Change is sytem.
    Change in his own individual expectations by wanting to be a more complete player.
    I see his struggling as an absolutely acceptable result in his effor to improve, and am looking forward to when it all starts to come together.

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