Go Ahead, Make Me An Offer!

With Chicago getting a lot of press lately about their cap to contract ratio, I thought I’d open up the topic to all you armchair GM’s out there.

So, assuming Chicago is amenable to a trade, as a Sens fan, what player(s) would you target, and what would you offer.

Remember, it has to make cap sense, and go towards adressing both teams skill and cap requirements.  No Kelly, Ruutu and Picard for Toews please.

Here’s my offer;

Shannon, Lee, 2009 1st


Patrick Sharp.

I feel this will add to the Sens depth at forward, an area that continues to be lacking from a prospect point of view, particularly if Zubov proves to be on his way out of the organization.

Shannon can add some skill and speed for the Blackhawks for the remainder of the season (albeit, not to Sharp’s level), and with a 1 yr. deal, his salary comes off the books this summer. Same goes for Lee, who would make moving a Dman in another trade more feasible.

The 1st round pick is a high cost, as it will likely be an average to good pick, but Sharpe, a proven player, is a very solid return.

This move would have to be made later in the season, as right now the Sens could not absorb Sharp’s salary without putting the team under unmanageable cap pressure.



2 Responses to “Go Ahead, Make Me An Offer!”

  1. Cam Barker for Lee and a 1st.

    Doubt they’re moving Barker though; his contract is solid.

    It’d help our backend become more legit/meet NHL standards.

  2. I like Barker, but with Cowen, Karlsson and Wiercoch, do we really need another big money Dman?
    I maintain replenishing the scoring remains the biggest issue for this roster.
    But I suspect that offer would be snapped up by CHI.

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