Team Building.

Some wins are bigger than others.

Points are important, and pleasing the home town fans, nervous home town fans is all well and good, but, when you’re a team in search of an identity, a win, in the face of adversity, and under pressure, is a very, very, critical 2 pts.

With so many new faces, and so much baggage, this team needs to generate some character.  Tonights win had that in spades.

Carkner, a career minor leaguer, pots an ugly goal, due to shrewd play, in front of his proud friends & family.  Everyone in a Sens sweater knew what that meant.  They all grew tighter for having shared the moment.

A young kid from Denmark gets a sweet feed from another local hero not known for his deft passing, and gets to make some impact on a roster looking for positive stories.  2 goals in 3 games, and a hell of a game to boot, don’t think this team doesn’t grow tighter for it.

A referee choosing to ignore obvious calls, after liberally handing them out to your own squad.  Don’t think this wasn’t weighing on every player on this roster.  They were frustrated too, but the win, in overtime, helps them grow together through adversity.

A feisty centre, coming off a terrible season, storms down the ice, followed by a rugged stay at home Dman nursing his own bad memories, and scores a huge opening night over-time goal.  This is the stuff that makes a group of players a team.

A quiet, but confident young goaltender with something to prove, stands tall, and for the first time in years has the local crowd on their feet, thinking maybe, just maybe, we got ourselves a big time goaltender.  Don’t think this is overlooked by this squad, who know they’ll need a great goaltender to make the most of the season.

All in all, a very big win.

And, for a Sens fan, a hell of a game!



5 Responses to “Team Building.”

  1. Yes. Good game. Some good efforts and chances, and the chemistry seems to be growing. Some great fore checking pressure at the end of the game with the islanders on their heals. It reminded me a bit of the Sens a few years ago when they would turn on the gas.

    Did anyone else notice the strange line combos in the third? Did I see Kelly playing wing for Alfie and Spezza?! I also had a hard time figuring out what line MichaleK was on… Maybe I’m just over tired…

  2. Master of Puppets Says:

    They had Kovalev and Michalek with Fisher at some point – could have been an errant change or on purpose. Michalek’s gonna be a machine when he gets going.

    Moving the feet and cycling the puck will get them back to it, but Alfie and Kovalev are getting too old for the cycle game.

    This was a ‘horseshoe’ game for sure.

  3. 60 minutes and 30+ seconds of effort. Haven’t seen this in years.

  4. Is it just me or is becoming obvious that Kovalev is wasting away on the line he is on. Seems to me that the team would be better served with him playing with Alfie and Spezza.

  5. I agree with the assessment of the game and the situation with the Ottawa Senators right now. I thought Cheechoo played his best game thus far and showed some flashes… Leclaire looked special AGAIN…i also cant wait to see #9 start to fly, i think this guy is gonna be huge for the sens!

    Go Senators!

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