So, What’ll It Be?

In the first game of the season, we witnessed a Sens team running around, playing a game of manic puck pursuit vs. a solid system.

In game #2 we watched a tightly regimented team with all players sticking to a plan.

So which one is the real Sens?

I’m not sure tonight is the best chance to define what this team is, being a season opener against a team few expect much from.  It’s very possible this team will once again get running around, trying to put on a show fro friends, family and fans.

I sure hope not, because this team will need to take points from the weaker teams like the Islanders.  I remember all to well the 3 losses the Sens suffered against the Islanders early in the last season.  I don’t know what role those losses played in the teams implosion, but no doubt they did little or nothing to prevent its happening.

Tonight I want to see another structured game.  A game based upon solid neutral zone control, and opportunistic offensive creativity.

Beating the Islanders is a big deal, and so is losing to them, especially in the home opener.



2 Responses to “So, What’ll It Be?”

  1. I’m sure Clouston will have none of that losing to weaker teams bull. The team looks like they needed a wake up call last year, and if missing the playoffs wasn’t a good enough call I dont know what is

  2. I too remember those losses all too well…

    I really like your work, GN. Keep up the good work.

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