A Game Only A Fan Could Love

Alright, I’ll admit it was hardly a barn burner last night.  But as a fan of this team, and a rabid hater of the Leafs, it kept me pinned to my seat until the final horn.

I want to warn you all now, I HATE the Leafs.  It’s not just the play-off thing…but that does bother me, only in as much as it is used as the #1 defense by any and all Leaf fans.

No, it has much more to do with the class of the fans that show up to road games (not just Ottawa), and the whole “centre of the universe” mentality.  In a world of mass media, it is only reasonable that one or two teams get the lions share of the attention, it’s simple economies of scale.  It’s cheaper to focus your effort on a few teams, than many, so do what you can to harvest the biggest market, and pay lip service to the rest.

I get that.  But, the fall-out is, I hate the Leafs for it.

I only bring this up to wholly admit I hate the Leafs, and to say, although I’ll take generous jabs at them, I will, when not obviously doing so, be “balanced” in my assessment of them.

But I digress…

Last nights game was much as I expected, with the exception of goal scoring.  I really did think the Sens would break out last night, and their not having done so remains the one worrying factor coming out of the win.

The Leafs, as much as Wilson claims otherwise, were exactly what they are, a bad team.  Honestly.

When your top forwards would be 2nd to 3rd liners on most other clubs, you’d better decide to play run and gun, or expect your goaltending to win you a lot of 2-1 games.

Last night the Leafs tried to play defensive hockey, and as a result, were continuously caught making plays in the neutral zone.  A zone the Sens effectively controlled for most of the night.  As it stands, they just don’t have the goaltending to win Jersey style games.

It wasn’t until the final 10 minutes that the Leafs opened up, allowed their D to pinch, and thus started putting more pressure on the Sens defense.  And it almost got them a goal or two, and possibly a win.

Thanks to some stellar goaltending by Leclaire, some outstanding efforts by Volchy and Phillips, and a bit of puck luck, the Sens weathered the late storm, and bagged 2 road points against a key inter-divisional rival.

What I found most interesting on the night was the coaching.  Clouston’s use of Carkner was both prodigious, and widespread.  Carks saw over 18 minutes of ice time, and played a role on the PK.  All this from a 28 yr. old rookie.  And, to his credit, he looked damn good doing it.  Another Jeff Finger in the making?  I sure hope so.  He may be slow footed, but he’s reasonably sound positionally, and an absolute terror along the boards.  So far so good, keep it up kid.

I was also glad to see Spezza killing penalties, and taking the face off in the final seconds of the game.  You can’t develop an all around player, if he doesn’t get exposed to an all around game.

All in all I was content with the play of the Sens last night.  But it wasn’t nearly good enough to merit them winning a berth in the post season.  In order to do so this roster is going to have to start finishing their chances.

I thought it was a great game by Alfie, Volchy, Phillips, Carks and Leclaire.  Kovy sure had his moments, especially as the game progressed, and Karlsson looked more poised at both ends of the ice.

Solid progress, but there has to be more in order for this team to achieve all that it is capable of achieving.



5 Responses to “A Game Only A Fan Could Love”

  1. I agree with your assessment – I think LeClaire will have a profound impact on the Sens – their confidence level will increase game by game as he bails them out of defensive miscues – how did Kaberle get so open for that last second shot – but did you notice how technically strong Leclaire was in makign the save – nice……..

    Karlsson really needs Kuba as a partner – playing him with Campoli is risky – Clouston did not play that combo in the last 5 minutes

    The chemistry among the forwards is still not there – they can control the puck but not effectively penetrate the slot – not many rebounds being picked up – and goal-tending in the NHL is too effective to be beaten conssitently by the initial shot – but hey as Kovie said it has only been 2 games and they are still not at that next level – and the Isnaders are in town next – that should mean more gosl-scoring chances


    • We love Jason Spezza…great talent…is no penalty killer, he uses up too much energy…he’s not a quick start waterbug…simply labouring to cover anyone on the PK.

      Those Toronto influenced Team Canada guys are not going to take him,so let him conserve his energy and excel on offence. We need a breakout victory.

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  3. I think Spezza should def spend some time on the PK and not for Team Canada but so he can round up his defensive game.

    The game wasn’t anything special, but I loved it. People kept saying it was boring, but I actually enjoyed seeing how all our players were developing and how the Leafs were running around themselves. The chemistry isn’t there but you could tell its coming and when it does, we will be lethal!

    Just thought I’d give kudos to Donovan who played an amazing energetic game and got rewarded with a goal albeit a dirty controversial goal but a goal nonetheless. He really is the true definition of a team player who never complains and seizes every opportunity he gets

  4. In my opinion the only game the Sens played against the Leafs was to win. Clouston impresses me more and more. What has he done? He coached a solid game, getting more energy and work ethic out of this team than I have seen in quite a while, let his rookies play up to the point where they were apart of the winning effort, but had not earned the right to be out there in the last 10 minutes of play. From a fans perspective it sure could have been prettier with 20 goals being scored and no shots against, but I like what I see in this team. Volchenkov was awesome. Fisher worked his butt off. The second line was buzzing – not yet producing, but that will come. After Phillips and Volchenkov the D was on the weak side of average, but showed a lot of potential. A 60 minute effort – when was the last time we saw that from most of the players on the Sens? As a fan I am happy to see this team growing in the right direction.

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