Everything Is Bigger In Hog Town

The Towers

The Ego’s

The BS

The Pressure

Oh, I can only imagine the fallout of a Sens loss tonight in the big stink.

Inversely, I can only imagine the extra burden placed on the horses pulling the Sens band wagon should they win.

But, at the end of the day, it remains one game.  One game, at the beginning of a long season, and no matter the outcome, hardly anything to put much more than 48 hrs of thought into.

Everyone is expecting a mean tilt.  Not me, not unless the score gets out of hand.  Should that happen, look out, especially if it’s the Leafs on the losing side of the ledger.  otherwise I expect the Leafs to play a tighter game in terms of taking penalties, as this habit, so early in the season, has cost them dearly.

No doubt Leclair is getting the start, and we already know Gusty is for the Leafs. 

How bad does your confidence have to be in a player to decide to forego them, in favour of a rookie goaltender, in what might prove to be a raucous environment?

Imagine if Gusty ends up being shelled?

Oh me, oh my, I shutter to imagine how…err…bad (?) I’d feel for him.



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