WARNING: Contents Under Pressure.

As much as it may seem this team is facing the least amount of pressure they’ve had in years, maybe the truth of the matter is the exact opposite.

Playing a sport, as a professional, is a game of pressure management, but, when the team as a whole, not just individuals, is under pressure, is it too much to handle?

I’m not going to go over the individual pressures being faced through-out this roster, they’ve been discussed ad nauseum, but maybe what has been overlooked (by me especially) is the group pressure facing the Sens roster, and organization.

As much as the hockey media has been quick to over-look the Sens as a team of much hope, the same cannot be said of the teams ownership, leadership, and followers.

Melnyk has been vocal (I know, thanks Captain obvious) in his belief that this team is play-off bound. And to make matters more clear, he himself even stated it wasn’t just him being the rampant optimist, as in the past. He has layed it on the line that this team will make the post season, and that it is his EXPECTATION that they do so. Not a lot of room for a Mulligan there.

Although Murray has been more pragmatic in his play-off prognostication, he has none the less made it clear he believes this team can make the post season. He also knows his reputation is now on the line. His job too, but honestly, I doubt employment means nearly as much as reputation for a man of his experience. No doubt this, in some means, has been expressed to this roster, and it is evident that the internal leadership of this team has a strong connection with Murray, and with that relationship in mind don’t want to let him down.

The fans, in a recent poll, expressed strong expectations of a play-off showing for this years roster. And if the widespread panic spewed after the season opening loss is any indication, the leash on this team is not just short, it’s virtually non-existant. All indications are, the stumbles are no longer acceptable, and it’s win now, or suffer the slings and arrows of the Ottawa fan base.

So not only are these players facing their own issues individually, when they look around the room, no doubt they probably feel a bit like 7th cavalry before the battle of Bull Run Little Big Horn.

Let’s hope things turn out better for the Sens than it did for Custer!



4 Responses to “WARNING: Contents Under Pressure.”

  1. GN:

    That was the Little Big Horn…ya Confederate!

    But you’re right…you know who is really feeling the pressure…#19…I hope he just shakes it off and plays his game.

  2. Egads, I’ll have to return my Colt 45 for that oversight, lol!
    Yeah, Spez needs to just slow it down a bit and let Mich start to tick to his style. Too many opps blind passes in NY, eventually they’ll get on the same page.

  3. We really need to stop focusing on the minority of irrantional fans who spew their stupidity all over blogs and message boards after every loss. Sure, the fan base as a whole may have hoped for a better start to the season, but we must also realize that it will take time for this group to get it together and find their comfort zone.

    There were some good things to take out of the opener. A bounce here or there and it is a different game.

    Oh yeah, and let’s not forget how the 2006-07 season started, either. There were calls for drastic change after a poor first 2 months of the season. And look how that ended up? I’m certainly not comparing this year’s team to the one that went to the Cup, but it does provide some perspective.

  4. PD, absolutely.
    I’ve already accepted it will take 20 games to do the Paper to Ice conversion, but it’s easy for us to dismiss the hysteria, than it is for the players.
    Honestly, I can’t fathom how they don’t go insane!

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