Run & Gun Or Crash & Bang?

Tomorrow nights Battle of Ontario may turn into the Borer in Ontario.

Both the Sens and Leafs are coming off of losses in which playing a run and gun system led to embarrassing final scores.

The Leafs, who made a concerted effort to improve their defensive game over last seasons 2nd worst goals against standing, have looked even worse.

But oddly enough (when looking at the roster), their goal scoring has been good…how they do this, year after year, never ceases to amaze me.

Meanwhile, the Sens, who made a concerted effort o improve their offense, once again found themselves explaining a loss with the terms “chances”, “bear down”, and “great goaltending”.

Will both of these teams try to play a tighter game?

Undoubtedly the Leafs will, as this is supposed to be their new system, but the Sens are unlikely to win many games trying to play shut down hockey (as last season exemplified).  Instead the Sens will try to play with less flash, and more bash.

I expect to watch a game of limited chances on the part of the Leafs, and plenty of dirty offensive zone play in front of the Leafs net.

If Leclair plays a solid game, I expect to see the Sens post a big win tomorrow night, but should the Leafs continue their ability to fill the net with ease, the Sens may well crumble in the face of the pressure to score more than 3 goals.

My prediction?

Sens score early, and often, leading to a melt down on the part of the Leafs who will be finding themselves harangued by the frustrated home crowd.

7-3, Sens.



4 Responses to “Run & Gun Or Crash & Bang?”

  1. The Leafs goalie (Monster Mash?), the Refs, the NHL Home (that should be Head) Office are hard to beat…but the Habs did it.

    Kovy’s PP has gotta score!

  2. As people have stated numerous times – it will take 10 to 15 games to get a feel for the Sens – based on what I have seen so far the Leaf defense is slow and immobile – the Sens got numerous scoring chances against the Rangers – they should do well against the Leafs – on the other hand the Leaf forwards are fast and big although not particularly gifted goal scorers – they love to forecheck and it remains to be seen whether the Sens D can stand up to physical play – they should play better from a positional perspective (they were scrambling a great deal against NYR). As always it will be up to goal-tending – will the Monster play well and will Leclaire stay up longer and control rebounds better – if the latter is true – the Sens win by 2 goals

  3. To me, the crowd is the wild card. Should the Leafs get down early, it could get ugly.

  4. I think it’s going to be a close game or (sad to say ) the Leafs will win.

    It’s looking like we’re going to be off to a slow start until the team develops some consistent chemistry.

    We looked pretty sloppy out there against the Rags and I’m not sure we can get it all sorted by Tuesday night.

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