If The Meek Shall….

Inherit the earth, then the manic shall inherit the public forums.

I’ve all but sworn off the things.

Last night, after the game, I thought I’d check out the chatter.  From website comments sections, to team 1200 post game call ins, it was mayhem.

“Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!”

Relax people…

But it leaves one wondering if those with something worth reading/listening to have decided to abandon the public forums to the manic.

Except here…thankfully.

So with that, please, write in with your views on the new look Sens, and last nights performance, I know you have things to say, so consider this a port in the storm of turbulent comments.



11 Responses to “If The Meek Shall….”

  1. I was happy in the sense that it’s rarely easy to be happy after a loss.

    Not a great showing, but I like our goaltending, and I believe had it not been for Lundqvist, we’d have been closer. On top of that, I think we also need to work on the PK.

    You could sense the rust, but I thought the team looked hungry and energized. They just haven’t built chemistry yet. I try to give the team 15 games before I start to panic ;p

  2. Altought I did not like the loss.You have to give this team some time to find their chemistry and swagger,Pascal was good but I think the workload was getting to him ,tough I was very impressed in the 1st by his abilitily to move so quickly.One thing that definitley changed the game last night was when we had 3 striaght penalties,before that happenened we were on a row and doing very well.King Henrik showed why he always leads this team to victory ,but the Sens showed lots of rust their we’re not very sharp,it seemed like they weren’t to sure what to do with the puck.I’m sure this team will get back on track against the Maple Leafs.
    Oh yeah also Mike Fisher didn’t look the Mike Fisher of Pre-season,I hope that Mike comes real soon , we will need him.

    Anyways what are thoughts GN?

  3. What stood out for me:

    -4th line

    I also liked when Carkner pinched in by the boards and took a good shot on net.

    3rd period was kinda of a dud, 1 shot in first 10min.

    Overall I cannot say that I am concerned at this stage of the season. If Cheechoo does not improve his play by the time the team has 20 games in, I would make changes.

  4. No comment here. Couldn’t watch the game because I’m not in the Ottawa area. Had to watch the F’n Leafs get brutalized by Ovy and the boys. I guess I’ll get to see them Tuesday because they’re actually playing the Leafs. Can’t wait to hear Pierre’s unique brand of sensationalized, over the top, anti-Sen, pro-Leaf, hockey commentary. Woohoo!

  5. My thoughts are pretty simple.
    Leclaire good
    Cheechoo bad
    Everyone else o.k.
    I was surprised to see so much PK time by Spezza, and Carkner.
    It seemed to me the Sens lookedboth out of synk, and out of control.
    Clouston had sucess for 2 reasons, the team worked and practiced hard, and they played a simple structured system.
    Last night was neither imple, nor structured, it was ad hoc, and that, with the talent level on this team, will not win them games.
    The Sens will either win as a team, or lose as individuals, and if last nights loss made hay in re0inforcing that, so much the better for it.

  6. I think Clouston should get fired, Alfredsson should be stripped of his Capitancy and then blow up the whole team and trade them for picks and prospect so we can start rebuilsding, there’s no hope for us this year. And I think Leclaire sucks and we should send him down to Bingo and bring up Mike Brodeur who won last night. Did I mention Murray has to go as well?

    Ya no, the game was frustrating to watch but there was def way too much overreaction happening. Especially blaming Leclaire too much, I was very impressed with him. Cheechoo and Kovalev are going to drive me insane if they continue like that. But I really believe the potential is there and we saw glimpses of it last night, our D has to pay better but all in all once the team gels together and plays a few games we should be good to go. I’ll push the panic button after 10-15 games

  7. lol S19.
    Why do people base everything, on nothing?
    What get’s me is the all or nothing, hero to zero fans.
    Yeah, 82 dominating wins, followed by 16 dominating victories would be amazing…once. After that, how boring, right?
    We’ve had amazing years, and horrible years, and be happy for a good ol’ 1996/97 decnt year.
    But, I’m not about to lose my mind after one game, win or lose.

  8. Seriously Oman?
    I get hives just thinking about being blacked out and forced to watch the Leafs.

  9. The defense had a hard time handling the Gaborek Dubinsky line but I think a lot of teams will be exposed as well – why was Karlsson out against them – he’s not ready for that – I think Clouston got out-coached there but it is difficult to match lines when you’re away and you’re busy killing penalties!

  10. I thought Shannon was too small to play centre and it appears he has already sustained a concussion – but I think Foligno is a better choice for centre than Fisher who imo is a better winger

    • If he’s small as apivot, he’s downright munchkin at wing. I prefer him at centre just for his speed, he can back check with the best of them.
      My biggest worry would be that this team becomes the land of misfit toys, a lot of interesting players, but a lousy team.

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