Sens Vs. Lundqvist

Tonight the Sens begin their quest for scoring.

Sheesh, and it just had to be against Lundqvist.

Let’s face it, apart from Gaborik, the Rangers are about as deep as the Domi gene pool, with the exception of their goaltender.

He can be brilliant, or awful, and rarely in between.

But it is what it is, and if the Sens offense should click tonight, against one of the leagues premier puck stoppers, it could go a long way in rebuilding the fragile, if not vanished, offensive mojo of this team.

Regin will get his chance to legitimize his role as instant top 6 forward, and Karlsson will no doubt get an opportunity to test his light frame vs. some heavy fore checking.

The final score?


I’ll let you know the winner in about 4 hrs.



2 Responses to “Sens Vs. Lundqvist”

  1. You were actually very close as to the score.

  2. Master of Puppets Says:

    Prospal, Drury, Gaborik, Dubinsky all know where the net is and how to find it. I wouldn’t say the Rags are gonna be that low scoring a team, but thats 100 to 125 goals right there (if Gabby plays 60 games).

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