I Thought This Might Happen.

I’m not going to say I’m at all surprised at the out come of this game.

I give full marks to the Rangers, they deserved the win, albeit not by the margin it turned out to be.

The fact was, going into this game, the Sens had been off for 8 days, while the Rangers had been fairly active to this point both in the pre-season, and last night in Pittsburgh.

To expect Ottawa to come out firing on all cylinders is beyond reasonable, and all in all, it wasn’t too bad a showing.


The PK looked manic, and was all too often caught running around.  There wasn’t any cohesive positioning, rather it appeared to be a frantic puck pursuit system, that all too often resulted in defenders trying to pick up the puck on the fly rather than from a position of strength.

Fortunately Lecalire shined, and kept the Sens in the game through the first period.


Leclaire, he was very good, despite the 5 4 goals against.  Considering the quality, and frequency of the shots he faced, he had a tremendous first game back.

Playing your first game, on the road, at a home opener, after 8 days off, well, you take what you get, and had it not been for some absolutely stunning saves by Lundqvist, the score could have gone the other way.

A good game to learn and grow from.

Give it 20 games, Rome wasn’t build in a day.



2 Responses to “I Thought This Might Happen.”

  1. Master of Puppets Says:

    Last rauncher goal was empty net so leclaire had 4 GA. I watched the 1st period, missed the second and saw the 3rd. Apparently the game was played in the second. Outshot the rags 20-13 but managed 1 goal and gave up 3. That spells Lundqvist. What is it with the Sens and not being able to beat certain goalies?

    And Ray Emery has 2 wins – they better own him when vs Philly. Sigh. As you say it’s only one game, let’s hope they own the next but it’s the Leafs – and they are 0-2 … Please put Toskala in.

    Kovalev pissed me off a bit – he could have creamed Redden on a hit and didn’t touch him. I guess he only hits when he feels like it.

    Team looked flat at times, but also had good chances too. The score was a bit more lopsided than the game would indicate, but the third in my mind was very lacklustre.

    Some good hockey across the league – love the free preview of Centre Ice.

    Fatass Penner has 1G 1A, and 2A for DFH …

    • I highly doubt they’ll put Toskala in against us on Tuesday but Gustavsson let in 3 goals on 12 shots so I don’t think either choice would be the game breaker. We need to be more disciplined and our D needs to wake up, and we’ll be just fine with whoever is in net

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