Hand Wringing and Complaining About The Heat.

Thank-fully, it’s almost over.

All of the talk about the new roster, the new players, the new coach the new top line.

Ugh, I’m frankly sick of it.

Maybe I’m just over sensitive, but it seems to me the media is looking forward to Ottawa continuing to stumble.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving this negative press, nothing creates cohesiveness quit like an “us against the world” environment.  And, if this team is going to excel, it’s going to have to be as a result of teamwork vs. individual performances.

But I’m sick of every signing and acquisition made by Murray being looked at as “questionable”, while most if not all other teams are given upgrades due to the pre season play of some rookie.

To listen to TSN Stalman is the second coming of Forsberg, The Monster the next Lundgvist.

But Kovalev is an enigma, Leclaire a bleeder, Spezza a wash out and Karlsson an after-thought.

Enough is enough, talk is cheap.

Come on boys…turn some heads.



I’m also sick of hearing about a certain ex-Senator, and the impact his absence from this roster is going to have.

For all those wanting to continue this saga, this is for you.

Dany Heatley.

Hope you enjoyed it, ’cause that’s the last time you’ll read his name on this site.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.


One Response to “Hand Wringing and Complaining About The Heat.”

  1. Watching the TSN preview made me want to throw up. They make it seem like the Heatley trade is the only thing that happened this offseason. Their analysis of the sens offense went: they lost heatley’s goals and gained Michkalek’s and Chech’s goals therefore the offense is worse. Way to read between the lines. It just seemed like they didnt do any research, they only spewed out the same negativity and uncertainty crap that has been hashed and rehashed too many times. I don’t know how this team will gel and match up against the the rest of the conference, but I do know that they have a good coach for the first time in years and have made improvements in almost every aspect of their game and that has got to count for something.
    Team chemistry has yet to be hammered out but if you look at the players who have left and the players who have come in, I can’t see how this team will tread water.

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