Thanks TSN, We Needed That!

I’d like to extend a big thank-you to the myopic, Leaf pandering, TSN “analysts” for placing the Leafs ahead of the Sens in their predicted final rankings of the eastern conference.

Apparently the new Leafs, with their all star offense, and “truculence” will miss the post season (9th), but still finish ahead of the lowly, talentless Sens (10th).

Look, I’m not about to say the Sens are a lock for the post season, but even a mouth breathing meth head could recognize the Sens will be icing a far better team than the Leafs.

But, I guess if Leafs fans paid my salary, I’d be willing to ignore reality too.

All I can do is hope every Sen watched that “pre-view” and walked away with something to prove.

I like the fact this years team is being dismissed as D.O.A .before the season even begins, it’s what they need, a little something to prove, a little something to play for.

So again, thanks TSN, and believe me, I’ll be happy to remind you of your prediction come April.



9 Responses to “Thanks TSN, We Needed That!”

  1. Go mtl go .. (at least tonight ..) I was cheering for MTL and glad they got the win 🙂

  2. The Smurfs at Truculents game was a little tough to watch with mistakes all over the place and shaky goaltending. I sure hope our Sens don’t look so rusty on Saturday night in NY!
    The best news of the night: The Sharks getting SPANKED by the lowly Avalanche and only one Shark was MINUS 3 on the night without a point. Hmm….now who do we know on that team that likes to park his ass in the high slot and not waste his precious energy backchecking? Oh, IF WE WERE ONLY SO LUCKY TO SEE 81 MORE GAMES LIKE THIS! I would become a believer in Karma.

  3. ‘mouth breathing meth head’, classic..

    i think most of us in the capital would agree – it goes without saying that the TSN ranking was a joke, and all these lowered expectations around this year’s team will make us that much stronger.

    counting down the hours til saturday…

  4. Master of Puppets Says:

    Brooks Laich? Did Muckler give him away for 10 games of Bondra? Dumbass.

    However he’s doing it, he’s producing in Washington, and not necessarily a result of Ovechkin/Semin/Backstrom’s garbage.

    Here’s hoping Regin reaches this guys levels …

    Boston didn’t look like a powerhouse last night. Is my Schaedenfreud building?

  5. Master of Puppets Says:

    Oh and to stay on topic … TSN will be eating crow in April. What’s that expression … oh yeah “BOOK IT!”

  6. Sacul – I watched that game last night (I’m exhausted this morning because of it) and I was laughing out loud whenever I saw Dany-boy floating around like we’re used to seeing. the only difference is that nobody was giving him any passes. At one point, he was against the boards on the right side, and STILL had his stick in the air… like anyone’s going to waste a play by giving him a chance at a nearly-impossible angle like that.

    The -3 looks good on him, too. For two of the goals, he was within 6 feet of the shooter, but just watched the guy skate past him.

    TSN analysts (with the exception of MacKenzie) are a bunch of idiot Toronto homers, and I can’t wait for them to start jumping on the Sens bandwagon once March rolls around.


  7. Lee Zamparo Says:

    Goaltending wasn’t that bad last night; Price faced 46 shots! Can’t say the same about Toskala. But man, was it *ever* sloppy as hell in Toronto. Seriously, I thought the pre-season was over, but based on last night you couldn’t tell.

  8. Lee Zamparo Says:

    Schubert to ATL. Good, he’ll get to play more frequently as a bottom pair D, and on the PK. Good luck! Now, can we move Picard and get Brian Lee up here?

  9. I’ve got some crow ready for the George Foreman grill. Nearly time for the reminder GN …

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