New Year, Old Problem.

I’d like to say I feel bad for Vesa…but, I don’t.

Hey Ves…how ’bout that .851 SV%…I guess there’s something to be said for consistency.

I’d like to say I feel bad for Brian Burke…but, I don’t.

Hey Burkie, how ’bout being out hit by the fly weight Habs, in your own barn…I guess there’s something to say about predictability.

How awesome is it to see the “new” and “improved” Leafs once agin blow a lead late in the third, only to lose in overtime?

Real awesome!


p.s., did I mention Leafs Suck?



Leafs Suck!


2 Responses to “New Year, Old Problem.”

  1. Carver.55 Says:

    I am so sick of watching our national broadcasting corporation (funded by Canadian tax dollars) cover Toronto Maple Leaf games. TSN, Sportsnet are all falling over themselves to talk about these great Leafs. I must be missing something because the rest of the hockey world that is not associated with Canadian television sees the Leafs as middle of the bottom dwellers. Little offense, no outstanding goalie and two above average defensemen – and this makes a playoff team? According to god himself (Donny Cherry) all the Leafs need to do is kill penalties. With that logic I guess I could be a Stanley Cup winning coach myself.

  2. Lee Zamparo Says:

    Based on last night’s game it makes sense; how many PP goals? As an aside though, both teams are going to struggle to score 5-5. Big time. No way the Sens finish below both these teams.

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