Gill or Carkner?

O.k., I know the fact Carkner is on the roster, while 1st rounder Lee is toiling in the minors, has raised a few eyebrows.  But, honestly, after watching Gill drag his ass from blue line to iceing line, I gotta think, at 2.25M/yr, Gill represents a far greater drag on the Canadiens then Carkner at 500k/yr is on the Sens.

In fact, unlike Gill, Carkner can at least play a physical game, and stick up for his team-mates.

Gill may well represent one of the worst signings of the off season, as he’s far from a top 4 Dman anymore (if he ever really was).

Montreal is going to be in trouble if their young Dmen don’t step up their ability to log more ice time, because using Mara and Gill as second pairing Dmen is going to drag the Habs to the bottom of the NE division.



One Response to “Gill or Carkner?”

  1. Lee Zamparo Says:

    So true. Mara and Gill are both poor, by the midpoint of the season this will become apparent. The Habs better hope Yannick Weber can play. Also, get P.K Subban up there!

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