Foligno Or Regin?

As both of these forwards are not waiver eligible, the numbers game, once Winnie returns, may well force a roster move to the AHL, unless they’re willing to sit a winger long term, and what is the gain in that?  Not to mention how the consumed cap space lost by carrying an inactive salary can come back to haunt you later in the season, just ask Suter.

Now, many have made it clear they believe Foligno has earned a guaranteed roster spot (and think I’m nuts to suggest otherwise…trust me, you’re not the first, lol!), but I’m not so sure.

I like Foligno, and would hate to see him sent down, but, in a team game, within a salary cap structure, the ability to move a young player, without risking their loss to the waiver system, is something no GM can over-look.

To be frank, in order to avoid being considered “moveable” both Foligno and Regin would have to be playing so well that it would significantly damage the team to lose them.

As Ruutu and Neil are “role players”, they really can’t be compared to either Foligno or Regin.  The players most comparable are Donovan, Kelly, Shannon, and Winchester.  They all possess 1-way contracts and, with the exception of Winchester, are waiver eligible.  So does Murray risk losing injury depth rather than demote one of Regin or Foligno?

That would be a tough sell, especially knowing doing so could cost you 1/2 their salary to boot!

No doubt Murray is attempting to trade Kelly, Donovan and possibly Ruutu, but failing that, once Winnie returns, somebody on the forward ranks will have to go (barring injury).

So, assuming it comes down to Foligno or Regin, who would you send down?

I’m not sure, and no doubt the time between now and when Winnie returns will help determine this conundrum.

As Dean Lombardi says; “nobody is hurt by being over-prepared”, and a few (or more) games in the AHL is not going to damage either of these players potential to succeed in the NHL.

But, the conundrum exists, like it or not.



9 Responses to “Foligno Or Regin?”

  1. Foligno stays!!! I don’t care how good Regin is (an trust me I think he’s AMAZING) but Foligno has more than earned his spot over here. He has proven countless times that he is a hardworking guy who does everything he can to be a better player. I would give up Kelly, Ruutu and Donovan before even thinking about giving up Folingo. He’s our next Mike Fisher, but maybe even on a better scale

  2. I agree S19, now Murray has to find a way to reasonably pare down this roster.

  3. Granted Regin hasn’t played any regular season games yet, but I would guess if he is playing well it will be Winchester sent down (or moved).

    • But will they eat his 575k, and Schoobies 900k, and the 4M advance paid to Heater?
      That’s a lot of scratch, even for a billionaire, just sayin’.

  4. no way does Foligno get sent down, what are you smokin?

    • LOL, fair enough, but the fact remains, if Regin lights it up, Karlsson plays well, and 2 players are consistently eating popcorn in the press box, something will have to be done. So what…they waive Chum or Winnie, and risk paying half their salary for another team, or their entire salary for nothing?

  5. Lee Zamparo Says:

    Depth ain’t cheap.

    Schubs should be good for Bingo, making competition for Lee, Schira, Smith and Kudelka on the top pairing & PP.

    Taking Foligno out would certainly hurt the quality of the team, much more than moving Donovan for Winchester. Would losing Winchester be such a big thing? Zach Smith can come up can he not? Let’s see what Regin can do when the games matter, over the course of the next three or four weeks.

    • No doubt that is the plan, and, that is the premise of my argument. If Foligno plays soft, assuming his roster spot is a lock, or Regin struggles vs. top calibre competition, their transferability becomes a workable solution to the roster log-jam.
      No doubt Foligno and Regin are the future, but if they struggle, Chum and Winnie become viable alternatives.

  6. Don’t get me wrong I like Winnie but he’s more like a Donovan type on a higher level. No way does he replace Foligno or even Regin if he continues to play that way so I would say I guess I’m an advocate of letting winnie go for Foligno but I don’t think we can send him down (isn’t he on a one-way contract?)

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