A Quick Look At Some Young’ins

Jared Cowen – D – Spokane Chiefs – WHL

Well, it didn’t take long for Jared to make an impact in his return to the WHL. 1 game, 1 goal (game winner) & 1 assist.


The Sens are hoping to see Jared play a key role not just with the Chiefs (he was recently named captain, at only 18), but also with the WJ squad.  With the recent addition of Kyle Beach, the Chiefs stand a good chance of having a successful season, possibly even repeating a Memorial Cup win, with Jared as one of its centre-pieces.

Patrick Wiercioch – D – U. Denver – NCAA

Patrick finds himself playing for the #2 ranked NCAA hockey team, and deserves some credit in his having played a prominent role in the earning of this esteemed ranking.
The season has yet to begin, but it is hoped Patrick, as a Sophomore, can play an even greater role in another successful season for the U.D. Pioneers.

Louie Caporusso – C – U. Michigan – NCAA

Although the regular season has yet to begin, Louie is already gaining recognition by being named onto the first All-CCHA pre-season team.
Is this the year the Junior centreman goes from finalist, to winner, of the much vaunted Hobey Baker award? The Sens are sure hoping so.

Andre Petersson – W – HV71 Jonkoping – SEL

This will be a big year for the feisty, and offensively gifted Petersson. It is hoped that Andre will earn a regular shift, and hone his skills vs men in the highly competitive Swedish Elite League, while also suiting up for Sweden in another WJC tourney. So far he has dressed for 4 games with SEL leading HV71, but has yet to tally any points in the effort.

Ilya Zubov – F – B-Sens – AHL

After a terrible camp, in which Zubov looked disinterested and out of shape, Ilya found himself among the first cuts out of trainning camp.
Now it looks like he wants out altogether, and rumour has it Murray will be happy to grant him his desire.
Either look to see his rights traded, or a deal worked out with a KHL team willing to buy out the one year remaining on his salary…the later the most likely scenario.
Mucklers “Russian” strategy was an un-mitigated disaster that left this team bereft of prospect talent. To think, in 2 years, Murray has added more depth to this club than Muckler did in his entire reign as GM.

More to come.



4 Responses to “A Quick Look At Some Young’ins”

  1. We love College Hockey, “Red” Hay et al. In my day they started to produce Great Goalies and fancy Forwards. We were always suspiciou of D-men. For all the big names, they don’t play enough to grind an edge on “em.

  2. That’s true Nik, but the NCAA, through the USHL has improved a lot in its competitiveness. It’s no longer the backroads route into the NHL it used to be. Some argue the reduced schedule actually allow players to develop more skill and size due to a reduced game load, but increased practice regiment.

  3. Thanks for putting this together. Very useful and something that the MSM rarely ever reports on. Looking forward to more throughout the season.

  4. Thanks PD, we easily lose track of these guys until draft and camp time rolls around…but development is a long road, and it’s all the more exciting to watch a player you’ve kept tabs on in the years before he made the big show.

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