99 Returning To LA-LA Land?

Dean Lombardi is pushing hard to return Gretzky to the Kings organization (unspecified role), as he feels Wayne can make an impact in forming the Kings young roster into a winning squad.

I’d second that opinion.



3 Responses to “99 Returning To LA-LA Land?”

  1. I’m in totally support if this move. Gretzky should have never been involved with a team like Phoenix. He belongs either in Edmonton or LA imo. I wouldn’t be surprised if something there happens, since it would also be convenient for him and his family arrangements. Also, LA is def a more exciting team than Phoenix and he has so many great pieces to work with at any level. Go Gretz!

  2. Lee Zamparo Says:

    I’m skeptical of this move. Gretzky’s ability in Phoenix in developing young players hasn’t been exactly stellar. I argue that many of their young talented forwards (Turris? Mueller? Hanzal? Boedker?) are not playing to their potential. Keith Ballard has developed nicely but he was traded for Jokinen? (ok, Gretz can’t take the heat for that)

    To me, this is much more about marketing the Kings in LA. Gretzky’s back everyone! Buy some tickets!

    • Lee, no doubt that is a major part of any move involving Gretzky, but I’m still more than willing to believe he can bring with him a lot of credibility as a winner. As a coach he was often hamstrung by the team lack of financial depth, sure they had some young talent, but apart from Jovo, they never had much mature talent to go along with it…but, don’t get me wrong, Gretz was/is no Bowman.

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