Good-bye Shoobie Tuesday?

With Schubert hitting the waiver wires, it’s quit possible the first in a number of roster moves to come has taken place.

Let’s face it, after a large number of healthy scratches, under both Hartsburg and Clouston, it’s no surprise Schubert finds himself facing the very real posibility of playing in the AHL.

In some ways it’s a sign of failure on the part of the Senators development, who favoured Volchenkov over Schubert, and partly due to Schuberts own unwillingness to embrace a checking role without constantly reminding anyone who would listen that he is really a defenseman, not a forward.

But his move, which could result in his being a former Sen by noon Tuesday, doesn’t solve all of Murray’s issues.  There’s still one extra body at forward, once Winchester returns, and no doubt Regin and Foligno are well aware that they will have only a few games to prove they deserve the spot ahead of Winnie.

One would have to think the waiving of Schubert all but guarantees Carkner a role on this club, especially as he too can play a swing role, in addition to adding some necessary mean into this line-up.

The big question remains Karlsson.  Will he or won’t he stick.  I still maintain he’ll go down when Winnie returns…but, in many ways, that’s up to him.



9 Responses to “Good-bye Shoobie Tuesday?”

  1. best headline ever

  2. Foligno will only have a few games to prove his worth in the NHL?

    He’s got a guaranteed spot for the year 100%

    • I totally agree it would take a lot for Foligno to play his way off of this team, but, not being on a one way deal, or waiver eligible, he is vulnerable.

  3. Winchester is garbage, he will be riding ahl busses for the year

  4. Foligno will not be moved down to the ahl not a chance… the 2 way deal does not put him in jeopardy thats just silly… they would waive someone before putting him down… not saying that he is a super special top 6 player (yet) but it makes no sense to bring him down… nobody would benefit from that… regin? he may be moved for winchester, i dout it, but that is up to him, if regin continues to play as good as he has been and centers that 2nd not a chance will he be moved for winchester, that leaves kelly and ruutu … chances are ruutu will not be moved… and if kelly can’t be moved via trade they will not put him on waivers… thus it will be either winchester or donovan that pull the short straw unfortunately for i like them both… personally i would rather kelly moved than ruutu, winchester or donovan… i feel that ruutu brings a ton and will be great for a play off run, playing the same team over and over, winchester can play wing or center on a bunch of different lines and is cheap and donovan is the prefect fill player… he doesn’t mind be scratched once in while and is super cheap for the vet grit he brings…
    who knows what will happen though

  5. Lee Zamparo Says:

    Yeah, Foligno’s on the team for sure. Looks like Brian Lee is going to have to play in the A for a while. Karlsson I expect to stay up for the duration unless it becomes really apparent in the first 9 games that he is a major liability. Though he & Brian Lee as the top pairing in Bingo would be crazy!

  6. Guys, let’s be clear, Foligno is not safe, at all. If it comes down to moving one of Donovan, Winchester, Foligno, Ruutu, Kelly, or Neil…Foligno is gone to Bingo. I’m not saying it is going to happen, but, there is no way Donovan, or anyone with a one way deal, is going to the AHL ahead of Foligno.
    It will come down to salary vs. performance. Yeah, Foligno offers more than Chum, but not enough to justify the salary expense in the A.
    Putting Foligno down would only happen AFTER Winnie and Donovan are first waived up and down, and not claimed. If it’s a semi permanent roster move (as can’t trade, or lose a body to the wires) Foligno will go down.
    I don’t think it would be “fair”, but it is the reality of the salary cap.

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