My Predicted Opening Night Line-Up.


Michalek – Spezza – Alfredsson

Cheechoo – Fisher – Kovalev

Ruutu – Kelly – Neil

Foligno – Regin – Shannon

I believe Cheechoo will get his time in the top 6, and if he doesn’t produce, he’ll be waived, but he has to get his chance to prove he can regain his offensive form first.

By the sheer weight of seniority Kelly, Roots, and Neiler will be given 3rd line minutes, and an opportunity to prove they deserve the ice time ahead of the youngsters, but, if the youngsters produce, they’ll find themselves getting more ice time in favour of their elders.


Kuba – Campoli

Philips – Volchenkov

Lee – Picard


I just think, until the log jam at defense is addressed, Karlsson will go down to the A.  The fact is he will still benefit from playing there, where as Lee will not.  But the leash will be VERY short for both Lee and Picard, and in the formers case he could find himself on the bus, and in the latter, on waivers.

So what about Schubert and Donovan?  I just can’t see where they fit into this group.

What are your line-up predictions?


6 Responses to “My Predicted Opening Night Line-Up.”

  1. Michalek – Spezza – Alfredsson

    Cheechoo – Shannon – Kovalev

    Foligno – Regin – Fisher

    Ruutu – Kelly – Neil

    I agree that Cheechoo needs top 6 chance. We have no #2 Centre so the experiment will be to see if Shannon or Regin are going to surprise an be able to fill that role. Ans say what you will about cost – that’s an amazing 4th line, and if the young ones falter, there is still Kelly there to move up and bail them out defensively anyway.

    Kuba – Karlesson

    Philips – Volchenkov

    Campoli – Picard


    Lee is sent down until somebody gets, hurt, falters, or Lee shows he is way too good for the AHL. Carkner and Picard get chances, depending on the oponent to show if they belong.

    This way the only necessary pre-season move is a waive of Schubert. All other decissions cqn be made as weaknesses and virtues show themselves in regular season. Lee and Karlesson can change places, for example, really quick if the big league is proving too much for K. If not, trade Lee, Calcner, or Picard later in the season.

    Goaltending tandem is obvious (and awesome)

    • I agree with Tim for the lines. I also think Clouston is going to experiment lots for the first month or so of the regular season. It would seem that the number 2 center spot could be between Shannon and Regin but who knows really. Maybe Fish will end up playing there more often than not. It may be too early to say but I think we should wind up 6th or 7th in the East this year.

  2. CC has seen enough, the “Caboose” falls to Regin and Fish on the third line, they are the only ones strong enough to cary #41, neither Bryan nor Cheech need the embarrassment of failure in the top six…the man should not be in the “Show!”

    Ya gotta tell truth to power…and they like KIelly and Neil coming out of the four hole!

    By the way did you or Tim happen to watch any of Training Camp?

  3. Michalek-Spezza-Alfredsson-Looks like Alfie will be the new guy being set up by Spezza, with Michalek doing the down low work for puck retrieval and forechecking

    Cheechoo-Shannon-Kovalev- same dynamics as our number one line with a few positioning tweaks. Kovalev will be able to set up Cheech no problem

    Foligno-Regin-Fisher- Why mess with a good thing?

    Ruutu-Kelly-Neil- Will make a huge difference for us as our fourth line. It’s what our third line used to be but subbing Vermette for Ruutu.
    Ex: Winchester, Donovan

    Kuba-Karlsson-Our PP line, and probly our smartest set of players in terms of positioning and composure. They should rip it up no question.

    Phillips-Volchenkov-The old boys doing their thing together again

    Campoli-Carkner- A solid 3rd pair provided Carkner can keep up with the speed of the NHL for 82 games. This is a pair that will be on the highlight reel several times a night.
    Ex: Picard
    Lee gets sent down just cause of his 2-way contract. Schubert will get claimed on re-entry waivers, and we go with a 23 man roster.

  4. Michalek – Spezza – Alfredsson

    Foligno – Regin – Kovalev

    Cheechoo – Shannon – Fisher

    Ruutu – Kelly – Neil

    I think mgmt will try and push youth over veterans (regin /foligno over cheechoo and shannon) and the 4th line allthoough extremely expensive is gonna be deadly

    Kuba – Karlsson

    Philips – Volchenkov

    Campoli – Picard


    I think the seventh man is a toss up but just my opinion.

  5. I think SenSay got a few things wrong…Tim’s lineup is closer to what we’ll see. I think they’ve already slotted Cheechoo for the 3rd line, based on what SJ did last year. BM and CC know he’ll be a hard working checker with slow feet and if he can step it up, he’ll get PP time and some top 6 time. If not, they know what they have. I think for sure the “vets” will be the 4th line (Neil-Kelly-Ruutu…sometimes Donavan) but that they’ll get more minutes than most 4th lines. I think we all know Schubert is toast.
    On D, I think Lee will be the one sent down…that 2-way contract is just too handy. We all know how often defensemen get injured, so he’ll get his chance. I say Picard and Carkner take turns being the 7th D. There is no way Karlsson is going down right now. If he gets pushed around like crazy in the first 10 games, that might happen.
    Can’t wait for the news!

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