Lets Get It On!

As Friday’s game was the first I’ve been able to catch live, I have to say, I’m looking forward to this season.

I’m not about to say I know it’s going to be a successful season, the fact remains that the Sens have a lot to over-come after 2 rather disappointing seasons, but, there is little doubt that this team has at least addressed some of its key failings.

Coaching –  Clouston may or may not be the answer, but he is an answer to 2 consecutive coaches who did little or nothing to get the best out of this roster.  Will Clouston be the man?  I certainly hope so, and his handling of the Heatley fiasco at least indicates he’s not a man afraid to stick to his guns.  I like Cloustons composure, I like his determination, and I like his system.  I believe he will do the job, and that he has the room on his side, a room wanting to win.

Goaltending – Pascal Leclaire is the new great hope.  The fact remains, apart from some shinning performances, he’s a long way from having proven himself.  But he has a lot of believers, from all sides, and no doubt he has the attitude, skill, and work ethic to be a legitimate all star #1.

When watching him play he displays all the attributes you want in a butterfly goaltender, flexibility, aggressiveness, and most importantly, a lighting fast glove hand.  Pascal does seem to go down a lot, but his glove hand is panther like, and that leaves me wanting to see more.

Offensive Depth –  Oh sure, we lost Heatley, and his phenomenal one timer…but we also lost Heatley and his predictable one timer.  I don’t think his declining goal production was a blip, I think it was a result of his predictability.  He will continue to score, but I doubt, at least on the Sens, he would have returned to 50 goals.  Now, instead  of Heatleys one dimensional play, we have Michalek’s all around game and Kovalevs dominant puck control.  I have absolutely no doubt that these two will combine for 40-50 goals, absolutely no doubt, and improve the production of those around them to boot.  The team is now deeper, more physical, better defensively, and better offensively than they were with Heatley.

PMD’s – From famine to feast.  Last year this team was desperate for offense from the blueline, and now they’re swimming in it.  Campoli, Karlsson, and Kuba represent solid offensive skill on defense.  Add to this Lee and Picard, and now the team has depth as well.  A big improvement.  Combine this with Cloustons more aggressive play form the blueline and the days of stagnant offense are over.  Hell, even Philips is looking like a threat by frequently pinching down on offensive opportunities.

So now the question is will the potential for change translate into actual change.

I really believe it will.  There will be struggles no doubt, but I am certain this team will make the post season, and, if the stars align, may even do some serious damage while there.



3 Responses to “Lets Get It On!”

  1. Good post. The struggles you mentioned shouldn’t last very long. So far I’ve seen some genuine chemistry in all our forward lines. Once they start to really click this is going to be one exciting team to watch!

    Go Sens!!!

  2. I think Lee will be sent down or Picard put on Waivers/traded, but Karlsson remains. He’s got too much upside.

    • He’s got a tonne of moxy, and maybe he’s cocky enough to handle the ups and downs of the NHL at such an early age, but I’ve yet to see a compelling reason not to send him down.

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