Peter “Marmaduke” Regin.

Just a quick note, with more evaluation of last nights game to follow later.

Regin made this club last night, in one shift.

Performing well, in the preseason, against lessor talent, doesn’t always tell the full story.  But when a young player can hold his own, in an ongoing down low battle with Norris trophy winning Zdeno Chara well, let’s just say that was all the evidence Murray needed in order to know he had to find a way to keep this kid in the NHL.

Good for you Marmaduke, and welcome to Ottawa!



3 Responses to “Peter “Marmaduke” Regin.”

  1. That was a heat-warming shift, indeed.

  2. Hey Derrick…Regin is still the “Rookie” untill he proves he can pull the “Caboose” then I might call him “Marmaduke” the super dog.

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