Baum Threats Working?

Has Baum cajoled the final offer from both sides?

It seems that way.

Today, during an emergency session to explore Moyes request for court ordered arbitration, Balsillie all but matched the NHL’s offer in all but letter.

In an attempt at appealing to the city of Glendale, like the NHL, Balsillie has guaranteed one year of attendance at the arena before exploring moving the team, presumably to Hamilton.

Although Balsillie has been up-front that he wishes to move the ‘Yotes, the NHL has been non committal in their willingness to maintain the franchise in its current Glendale digs, which, if Baum is any sort of professional (which by all acount he certainly appears to be), he can only take as another seriptitious attempt at looking like a white knight.  But, considering the other absurd claims by the NHL, namely that they had controlling interest in the team, or that multiple offers were pending to buy the club, or that Balsillie represented a “character” below that acceptable within the NHL, Baum no doubt has no reason to give the NHL the benefit of the doubt when comparing their bid to Balsillies vis-a-vis maintaining the club in Glendale.

Baum will no doubt be dropping his decision soon.



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