Sens Going To The Max?

With the glut of NHL calibre players available to them, and some excess cap money, one has to wonder if the Sens management is going to take the unusual route of maintaining a league maximum 23 man roster.

There’s no doubt that Carkner and Regin and Karlsson are being discussed heavily among management as possible roster players, and if the belief is they can do the job, expect to see the Sens max out the roster number, to hell with the expense.

But it is also perfectly reasonable to expect Karlsson to go down to the AHL, where he will continue to gain valuable experience in the NA game, while Murray works out the logjam on the blue line.

Carkner is an interesting situation.  There’s no doubt the burly blueliner can play a 7th man role, and he provides a real element of toughness this team is sorely lacking at defense, but, will he get a slot ahead of Karlsson?

He very well may, as he has little to gain in playing in the A, makes less than Karlsson at the NHL level, and won’t be stunted in his development if he only plays 4-6 minutes a game.  Nobody is expected Carkner to blossom into a top pairing Dman.

Regin is no doubt in an envious position among those trying to make this team.  He was very highly regarded by Clouston, and his knowledge of Cloustons system may just earn him a spot, particularly while waiting for Winnie to get back into game shape.

But ultimately someone will have to go, both from the forward ranks, and from the blueline.

If I were one of Kelly, Ruutu, Lee, Shubert, Picard and Neil, I’d be hustling my butt off to prove I’m worth the cap space over my young lowly paid rivals.  Ultimately, I suspect at least one on that list will be wearing a new sweater before Christmas.



4 Responses to “Sens Going To The Max?”

  1. GN:

    I’m disappointed in you, Boy… the PUP, Alf’s pup, my “Messiah” is the genuine article…he’s 2nd place man…you send him down you’re a nineth place club!

    I’m calling Carkner/the PUP…The “Stud Combo” almost the equivilant of a Super Stud!…Almost…

  2. GelatinousMutantCoconut Says:

    Re-signing Kelly and Neil were huge mistakes.

    Kelly would be first on my list to go, not because he’s a bad player, but because of his steep salary and easily replaceable game.

    He’s cheap, versatile and experienced, but I don’t see a spot for Donovan anymore. Should an injury occur, there’s a Zach Smith and Cody Bass in bingo to take the spot.

    Schubert has been a fan punching bag for a while now, and while it would be nice to keep his physical presence and versatility, the writing seems to be on the wall for him.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Ruutu go. I’ve never been a fan of pests. I mean, if you’ve got a guy like Kesler, Burrows and Lapierre who can provide an all-around game and also get under an opponents skin, fine. But wasting a roster spot and valuable cap space on a one-dimensional aggravator just doesn’t make sense. I’d rather see Bass or Z Smith in his spot.

    I really want Lee to stick around. I would give him a spot over Campoli or Picard based on the fact that he’s younger and has all-around upside.
    No, he probably won’t be the number one defenseman he was pegged to be. Yes, Staal would have been a better pick. But he’s only been pro for two years now, and as at least earned himself a spot on the final pairing.

    I know Carkner shows a ton of heart and grit, but how is his defensive game? If he’s just going to be a Wade Belak type player, who plays 4-6 minutes and spends 10 in the penalty box, why waste a spot for him?

  3. C-Nik…ok, I’ll readily admit Karlsson is the future, and may represent a key marketing point, but the fact remains his development would not be hurt playing in the A. what will this mean? I’m not sure, but I am sure it will be fully considered.
    GMC – Wade Belak is the perfect example of what role Carkner would play. In fact, like Belak, Carkner has seen some time opn the wing while playing in the A. Is it worth a roster spot to keep such a one dimentional player of virtually no utility value outside of fighting? It has up until now!
    In actuallity it may come down to who the Sens are playing, and wether or not Clouston has faith in Carkners ability to play a similar role to Richardson…physical utility Dman. clouston knows Carks well, and his insight should prove invaluable through-out this difficult development process.

  4. I was at the game on Saturday night, and I will be very surprised if Regin and Karlsson are not on the team. I know it was not Montreal’s final roster and it was an exhibition game and all that crap, but if you watched them play, and I mean really watched, then you will notice how valuable to the team they wlll be. If I am Fisher, I am pulling for Regin.

    There is absolutely no doubt (in my mind after watching him play) that Karlsson is the Sens best offensive Defenseman. He has a knack for getting shots on net!



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