The Fisher Wing.

I’ve long wanted Fisher on the wing, and tonight shows why.
He’s mobile, has a great wrist shot, and can play both ends of the ice. Having him forced to control play, and make passes flies in the face of his primary skillsets.
I would not expect multi-point games from him in any position, but as a centreman, his better placing would be the third line, but at wing he is a legitimate top 6 player.
With Regin, Foligno, Shannon, Fisher and Zubov all capable of playing pivot in an offensive role, there is no need to lock up a spot at centre with Fishers name on it.
Use his skills to their best team benefit, and forget putting him at centre because he’s been labelled as such.
But, in all those names listed above, none stand out as legit 2nd line centres…yet.


4 Responses to “The Fisher Wing.”

  1. Tim Macneill Says:

    Hey! We should get that Vermette guy to centre the line with Fisher as wing! Oh… damn.

  2. I agree completely. Fisher could be the best third line center in the league. However, the winger experiment is very interesting. Hope they stick with it, especially if Regen is as ready as he looks. The biggest hole in their line up IMHO is the lack of true second line center (that’s why they’re giving a lot of guys looks as pivot). With this new depth of top six wingers though, we could have one of the highest scoring third lines in the NHL (which may have to include Cheechoo if Foligno gets second line left wing)! …and the highest paid fourth line (eg. Ruutu, Kelly, Neil). 😛

    I won’t be surprised if Murray makes another strategic trade in the next while. The Heater trade has stirred things up quite a bit, which is great, but there could be some imbalances that need correcting, if Clouston can’t pull off some brilliant line combos that change players usual roles while finding strong chemistry with new linemates.

  3. GelatinousMutantCoconut Says:

    That Comrie fellow wouldn’t have looked too bad between Cheechoo and Kovalev, eh?

    But seriously, could packaging up Kelly, Picard and SJ’s 2nd round draft pick get us a 2nd line centre? Maybe that’s a bit of a stretch…I don’t see Kelly or Picard’s value being all that high.

    As it stands, Kelly could line-up as the second line pivot. He would be a defensive anchor for the inept-in-their-own-zone Cheech and L’Enigma.

    Shannon at center scares me just because of the size thing, but then again, if he earns that role here in camp, it wouldn’t be be so bad, there are other small centers in the NHL.

    So barring a trade, it’s a battle between Kelly and Shannon. And if Kelly loses, it could be the end for him in a Senators uniform.

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