Hitting The Sore Spot & Learning From The Best.

With the pre-season off and running with a whimper, Sens fans are reliving the nightmares of games past.

Lack of offense, and weak goals against.

The witches brew that saw this team plummet in the standings last season, and for the first time in over a decade miss the post season.

It’s fair to say we’re all a little tender.

But that’s just it, being hyper sensitive is not always a great state of mind for fairly judging a situation.  The fact remains that there does exist solid excuses for the offense to have struggled, and the goaltending to have wavered;

1. It’s only pre-season, with only 2 practices under their belts.

2. The number of new faces up front, and in goal, is astounding.

3. In game one, Ottawa dressed an entirely rookie laden line-up.

When one considers the fact that Leclair hadn’t played a single game in almost a year, that Elliott is facing the pressure of earning a full time NHL role, and that the forward ranks are still at the meet and great stage, a one game loss (one by Leclair, one by the top 6 forwards) is hardly an anchor to tie the upcoming season to.

Would I have preferred wins?  Sure, why not, but I also remember Bochensky, and know full well a strong pre-season is not much to base a career on.

King Karlsson?

Well, that’s a moniker a long ways off, but if positive role models have any influence on its happening, Erik Karlsson will be influenced by one of the best.

I’m loving the fact that Erik will be billeting with the Alfredssons.  The y are a great family to introduce him to life in Canada, and Daniel represents the epitome of a professional athlete, both on and off the ice.

I believe this marks a very positive first step in Karlssons development as an NHL player.



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