A Nice Problem To Have

I have to give a quick nod to Bryan Murray.

For the first time in 5 years this franchise is facing some actual decisions on the roster. 

What a welcome change.

Too many offensive forwards you say…thank-you Bryan.

Too many bottom six forwards…thank-you bryan.

Too many PMD’s…thank-you Bryan.

If this team is lacking anywhere, it’s in big defenseman.  Volchy and Phillips represent the only 2 Dmen that can play a consistent brand of physical hockey, but their skill sets do not allow for them to be “every situation” D-men.

Ottawa still needs that Pronger-esque guy…or maybe better put, Chara-esque…thank-you John.



3 Responses to “A Nice Problem To Have”

  1. GN:

    I gots the plan…for the rest of camp we play “Hit and move the puck!”

    I mean everyone…if you don’t hit ya sit.

    If everyone is credited with a hit and you are the only one with one…ya sit.

    If it’s one of those free hand for arm shivers to the throat…ya subtract a hit.

    Stats are posted in the room the rookies get to ridicule the vets!

    Note: Wake up guys (SENS D) look @ Philly; Boston; Toronto; the Habs even “They give one of yours to the trainers…you give one of theirs to the clinic!”

  2. Have to think that Bryan’s cautious about getting a big defenceman because he feels Cowen should be ready in a year or two. And Wiercioch will hopefully be ready in 2-4 years as well.

    What we need is a big, veteran D man on a two-year contract at the most.

  3. You forgot to mention Leclaire. Apart from Hasek, the best goalie the sens have ever had!

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