You Miss A Little, You Miss A Lot!

As they say in Ireland…Good ridance to bad rubbish.

But wouldn’t you know it.

All summer, hours upon hours of mind numbing speculation, rumours, and talk, and then, in the end, Murray swings a deal that seems to have been available all along.

Ultimately the question is, was it good enough? 

Unfortunately, I’m not sure.

But, no doubt, as Murray has been saying all along, “fair” return wasn’t likely in the cards, and there’s no doubt that Ottawa got more than a bag of pucks.

That being said, I wish it were more.  I wish the package contained at least one top tier prospect or pick.  I’m happy with Michalek, in fact, I think he will prove to be a valuable acquisition, and Cheechoo, although a potential bust, is also a potential boon.  to me, it comes down to the 2nd round pick.  in all likelihood it will represent little more than a glorified third round, in a rather shallow draft crop.  Hardly anything to pin ones hopes on.

Am I glad it is dealt with?

Absolutely, and in that regard alone it represents an addition by subtraction, but it will nag at me that Murray couldn’t land that one solid prospect that would at least lessen the sting of loosing an elite tier player.

With the addition of two legit top 6 wingers, and Kovalev, Ottawa is suddenly playing with more offensive depth than it has ever had.  Elite talent wise they are lessor for having lost Heatley, but, let’s face it, he was lost, trade or no trade.

Most critically however, is the fact that SJ lost two NHL calibre players, for one.  Yes, heatley is the best player in the deal (presumably), but SJ now has more eggs in one basket.  Should Heatley be injured, they have less talent to go to in order to fill the scoring void, where-as Ottawa now has significant depth at forward.

Strategically, Ottawa may well have won this trade, as it is absolutely possible, if not probable that the Sens will get more man games, and even more offense out of it’s two players, than SJ will  get out of Heatley.

The strength of the SJ Sharks was their depth in all positions, their weakness was character.  Well, now they’ve lost Michalek, Cheechoo and Erhoff, and gained Heatley, a known malcontent. And all while worsening their already dire cap situation.

I think SJ made a mistake.  That’s not to say Ottawa won the deal, based solely on the deal, but I do think the Sens have improved more as a team than SJ, and ultimately that is the goal of any trade.  Here’s hoping for the future, and that the added scoring depth, and grit, makes for a better team over-all.

In fact, let’s all say a little prayer tonight (well, it’s night for me at least) that the Sens win a Cup this season, over the SJ Sharks.

Living well is the best revenge, right?



5 Responses to “You Miss A Little, You Miss A Lot!”

  1. Sens san Jose final would be awesome

  2. Master of Puppets Says:

    How’s the Guinness? I’m enjoying a cold Rickard’s Red – it already tastes like another and maybe another after that :). I’m glad it’s over. I know I said he’d be here til 2014 and I’m very glad I was wrong. I like to expect the worst that way when something better happens, you can be thankful and smile. We won’t really know if BM got hosed or fleeced until after the draft (so you can evaluate the pick if he actually gets to use it) and see how these new guys turn out.

    I think the team will make the playoffs now, with adequate depth. Maybe even do damage. Once second season starts you never know what’ll happen, you only have to beat 4 teams, while not losing more than 3 times to any one, to win a Cup 🙂

    That sounds easy and probably a stretch, but hell I think we’re in much better shape than last September. Only 4 new faces, not 9. And 4 decent players at that. (we haven’t seen Leclaire in a game yet so he is new this season)

    We now have a 1st, 2nd, 2 3rd and one 4th line.

    That the organization has to figure out the last spot – which has about 5 guys that could take it, is a problem most GMs would like to have.

    If nothing else he has plenty he could move – maybe package for a top 2 D man.

    What the hell do we talk about now? We haven’t had rain for awhile, maybe that was a sign things were about to get better …

    Enjoy Ireland … Greece, Ireland, what next? Man you get to some great places. If its job related where do I sign up? LOL.

  3. We’re a more well rounded and balanced team now with better PK and PP. I didnt know what to think at first but now I realize this is much better than keeping the guy on the team MUCH MUCH better

  4. Sure, Murray could have made this deal earlier in the summer, but it wasn’t until he met with Danny face to face that made him sure he had to move him.

    like all trades, we won’t know who won the deal until the season is in full swing, or as MOP says, after the the 2010 draft. On Paper, it looks like we took less, but if the reports are true about what Michalek, and Cheechoo bring effort wise, and help Ottawa become a tighter team, than that is worth a bundle. The intangiles cannot be understated or overstated.

    I am happy, and All the players are happy that this has ended.

    Can’t wait to see the 1st preseason game now.


    Greece is awesome. if you ever get a chance to go, take it 🙂

    Going for a nice cold Corona right now, myself.

    GN: glad your enjoying Ireland. Are you in Dublin? Checkout the Guiness brewery. Guiness at the end of the tour. 🙂


  5. Off to Dublin today…Guinness may well be in my future…just a thought, lol!
    yeah, I’m not expecting much from the draft pick…it’s almost a throw in. I’m surprised Wilson even wanted a 5th, it’s basically a wasted effort, especially with the KHL retaining so much talent.
    I do believe another deal is on the way, based solely on conjecture, and team need. Murray certainly hinted at it in the press.
    I truly believe Ottawa will surprise this year, as last year was below ability, and roster wise this team has made some major improvements in 2 key areas; Goaltending (I hope), and balanced offense.

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