Slante From The Republic.

I’m going to try to write a few blogs while in Ireland, but, honestly, the haze of Guinness induced stupidity may be too much to overcome, please forgive me in advance!
So DDH has made his arrival. While at the OTT INT. I spoke with TSN as they hung around for days on end hoping to land an exclusive of the Delusional one arrival. Waste of time I would suspect, unless one is interested in another “options” focused diatribe.
Hopefully I’ll get a chance to poke around the hockey world some time today, and then met out my spin on the goings on.
Please do keep up the comments folks, and don’t let my absence quell the hockey talk at the start of this new season.


2 Responses to “Slante From The Republic.”

  1. Master of Puppets Says:

    Ahhh, Guinness, truly nectar of the gods.

    Mmmmm. Great inspiration generator. LOL.

    Saw the 67s beat the Frontenacs in a preseason game last night – I’m ready for hockey, forget trades, time to hit the ice!

  2. Per Bob Mckenzie
    michalek, cheechoo and a secnd for heatley done deal

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