Trade “Winds” Blowing & No “End” Date…Hmmm.

I have been hearing tonnes about Heatley.

Apparently, according to the rumour mill, a number of teams (VAN, DAL, NYR, CHI, SJS) have been in contact with the Senators about what it would take to land Heatley.

The team getting the most broad recognition has been CHI, and if the deal I’m hearing (Sharp, Barker & Aliu) is true, I have no doubt Murray is finding the talent he’s looking for.

I’ve had one person go so far as to say the windy city deal is done but, I’ve heard that before.Β  Fool me 1000 times…

Let’s hope, if this is going to get done (notice Murray has not mentioned the end date) before camp, it can be with a Western team, and yield a decent return.

Also, it seems Balsillie has upped his bid, tossing in a few extra mil. for the good folks in Glendale.

A little sugar helps the medicine go down…



15 Responses to “Trade “Winds” Blowing & No “End” Date…Hmmm.”

  1. Master Of Puppets Says:

    That chicago deal straight up for DDH is about as good as anything else mentioned – I’m thinking the SJ/EDM rumoured offer/offers. The numbers are about even. I think CHI mgmt are salivating over what a Heatley/Toews/Hossa line might do.

    If more players are involved, Andrew Ladd would be a nice addition – 48 even strength points last year.

    Honestly, I don’t know why CHI would do it they have a powerful young team as is although are poised to have San Jose style cap fuckery next year.

    They may have to move one of Toews or Kane to sign the other or move some others (Versteeg, Bolland).

    Sharp is what we want Mike Fisher to be – a second line C/W.

    With Barker, we have to move a D …

    I’m still not convinced there’s anything cooking, this summer has been nothing but a massive set of blueballs. I look to the blogosphere to see what’s new on the Heatley Humour Mill. The rumour mill has become dysfunctional.

    Waiting for the climax …


  2. That deal is awesome… i can’t see it happening though, if it does good for brian murray. and chicago will prolly win the cup this year and then… well who knows there team my turn into NYR with them trying to get all the big contracts they can.

  3. Chris Robinson Says:

    I wrote this on Senschirp too, but I can’t for the life of me understand why Chicago would want Heatley. They’re loaded with offensive talent and just signed Hossa to that massive deal. People are also talking about the mini-crisis they face next year when they need to re-sign Toews and Kane. I’m just not sure how adding Heatley to the mix improves that situation.

    Granted, maybe they know that life is short now in the NHL and they see adding Heatley as a step towards making them instant Cup contenders. It has been a long long time for Chicago.

  4. That is really the only reason Chicago would get involved. They have the talent, they are on Heatley’s list of teams, and now they have some playoff experience. I am sure they would feel having Heatley on board would make them instant cup contenders. They are really the only team who could pay Ottawa, and still be contenders, IMHO. SJS do not want to give up any of their current top6 forwards.

    Question is the cap. I am sure the hockey lawyers will figure that out if something is going to happen that works for both sides.

    Way back GN posted a blog about “which team do you think would deal for Heatley other the rumoured teams at the time”, and I picked Chicago back then. πŸ™‚

    Interesting to see if anything materializes here.


  5. Heatley is going to be a Senator until at least November. When teams that thought they were going to do well this year find themselves in 10th place, Murray’s phone will start ringing again. Any team that wanted Dany would have made a deal by now.

    My opinion only.

  6. Master of Puppets Says:

    Here’s something for consideration, if you were BM and this offer was made … Sharp (3.9M), Keith (1.5M RFA), Barker (3.1M), Ladd (1.5M RFA)for Heatley, Volchenkov and Schubert would you do it?

    On the surface, it looks a bit lopsided – but is it really?

    Keys – 4M paid to Heatley, a star sniper (Good for 40+ goals)

    People will obviously scream over A-train being moved, but with his UFA next year, I’m guessing he’ll be gone. We can’t afford to pay more than 3 and he’ll get offered 4M at least.

    Chicago gets big time scoring in Heatley and the defensive monster in Volchenkov – two keys for their playoff run vs Detroit/SJ next year. Schubert is the utility guy they could use as a #6 D.

    The Barker Keith duo brings scoring and solid D.

    Sharp is top 6 (and can play center, but whether he’s a natural C or better wing I don’t know). Ladd would provide more depth and is knocking at the door of a top 6.

    Why CHI might do it … Keith and Ladd are RFAs next year – at least one will have to be moved.

    After year 1 of this deal, they’ll still have Heatley and the Sens Barker and Sharp. Keith and Ladd would be up in the air for the Sens and Volchenkov as well for CHI.

    Stepping out of the blockbuster mode and going back to just Heatley, Sharp, Keith and Ladd (or a prospect like Aliu) make more sense, CHI rids two potential RFA headaches for a long term money contract, and giving up only one. Barkers 3.1M is probably better kept for term and cap conciousness reasons.

    That was fun. Now here’s why it’ll never happen. I think while Chicago has the pieces to do this they will not want to take on yet another monster contract without getting rid of a couple of others. Or the one big nut kicker … Campbell

    And Heatley for Campbell straight up is the only thing that makes sense financially and termwise for them. But skillwise we get fleeced. While Campbell is good, he’s about 2M per year overpaid and 3 years too long.

    I can’t see BM taking leave of his senses to make a career ending move like that.

    BTW, I’m looking at Heatley on paper in these scenarios as a skilled hockey player, without considering the personality and off ice baggage that will keep him in Sans uniform.

    Cheers! Hope you were entertained by my ramblings.

  7. Interesting blockbuster MOP, but I agree that these trades will likely not happen. To quote Canucnik, BM has given Heatley the “slow walk” all summer and now we’re all headed back to camp. I give a trade about 1 in 10 odds now. And who knows, maybe with Kovy, our improved goal tending, and our offensive D prospects, Heatley may be happy to stay. And I have to say, judging by the rumoured offers we’ve been hearing, the SOB may just be more valuable in a Senators uniform. I look forward to the boos, and then the boos turning into cheers as the man we now love to hate sets the course for another 50+ goal season. Go Sens Go!

  8. MOP:

    You put some thought into the possibilities. I like that you kept the bashing out of it too.Tip o’ that to you. If CHI had to lose one RFA, who would it be? Keith, Teowes, or Kane? I know I would trade Keith if that were my choice. Reason being money of course. Kane, and Teowes are going to get 6+mil, while Keith might settle in around 5, I am guessing. CHI will have to pay their captain, and Kane ~14 mil next year.

    They could get Heatley with term. I also believe, CHI could be instant contenters for the cup with Heatley in the lineup.

    Campbell could have been an Ottawa Senator last year, but the term scared BM away, so that CHI contract is not coming back to Ottawa, since BM could have offered Campbell that last year.

    We need a calculator, and an oracle’s view of the next 5 years for each team’s plans to be able to speculate on the right trade pieces.

    I love A-train, but if the trade made sense, and helped Ottawa’s future, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. It would help that they would be traded to the western conference. I am also not worried about what A-train brings to the team anymore, with Cowen and Werioch in the pipeline.


  9. Master Of Puppets Says:

    The cap is a huge limiting factor for now – if next years drops by 3M, then what?
    CHI like SJ have had the habit of signing their good RFA talent to 3Mish cap hit deals (Barker, Versteeg, “Buflen”, Clowe, Vlasic etc) which is fine, but when you have 3 or 4 stars commanding 6, 7 and 8 mill apiece the well runs dry quickly. I can see not wanting to lose them, but you can’t have your cake and eat it too. And who knows maybe signing them to reasonable deals and terms makes sense for movement purposes, but you don’t want to handcuff yourself if you get stuck not being able to.

    A 54M or 53M cap next year would likely squeeze out a few players off their rosters. That may be good for other teams looking to pilfer talent, bad for up and coming UFAs, and good for teams looking to re-sign a UFA. Maybe the A-train 4M offer won’t come, if the UFA trend becomes one of bargain basement phenomena (Tanguay for example), and A-Train would re-sign for 3M or less over 4 or 5 years.

    With Campbell, Seabrook and Barker signed, Keith (his rights) is likely to be moved, while Kane and Toews for sure will have top priority. Kanes recent PR fiasco may put him on the ‘could move’ list, but I wouldn’t bank on it.

    As for RFA offer sheet scares next year – there probably aren’t too many teams poised to try it (you have to have your own first 3 picks for a single draft year, right? – and maybe more if the compensation offered the player is 6M)

    Back to Campbell, I’ve read mixed reactions on a straight up trade, I can’t believe people would suggest taking it. You’re essentially making BC the showcase for your D for the next 7 years while paying him ‘Norris trophy winner’ dollars. Pinning your Cup hopes etc.

    There is no comparison (of BC) to the Cheechoo, Penner Roszival ‘bad’ contracts. Cheechoo’s is 3M x2 – I’d gladly take the risk on that. BC, 7.2 x7?. WTF? Roszivals is more palitable (at 5Mx3), but I’d prefer Penner’s (4.25Mx3) to his.

    Campbell hit paydirt. Bottom line – only a fool would take that on. He’s probably the only player besides Heatley, Huet and Dipietro that are ‘immovable.’

  10. New Rumour from Garrioch. SJS back in picture, with e’hem, LA.




    Not sure about this. Cap wise it seems to work, but other pieces would have to be involved, like conditional picks, etc.

    Last years points Stoll+Frolov=41+59==100pts

    certainly, the 2for1 would account for Heatley’s potential 100pts (by himself). Both those guys could get more.
    Frolov would need to get extended beyond next year.

    Push usually comes to shove. I guess we’ll see what the day brings, as Heatley is expected to be in town tomorrow to “team” build πŸ™‚


    • Old news by now, but any deal involving Marleau moving from the Sharks is hugely unlikely; who would willingly leave San Jose?

  11. Master Of Puppets Says:

    I think conditional picks and prospects would be involved here to minimize the fleecing. Stoll had one good season and has regressed to Mike Fisher Lite to use AOSBs description of Frolov as Kovalev Lite. My opinion?
    I’ll take Dustin Brown (instead of Stoll) and a conditional pick or prospect as well thank you, to cover for if Frolov won’t re-sign for 4.5 to 5M per. SJ coughs up a conditional pick or prospect to LA too.

    Frolov, Brown ( + conditional 1st rnd pick LA)

    Marleau, Mcginn (or prospect) (+ conditional 1st rnd pick SJ)


    Price for Frolov/Brown – Heatley
    Price for Heatley – Marleau/McGinn
    Price for Marleau/McGinn – Frolov/Brown

    Arguably if Frolov walks ,we are left with Brown and LAs first in 2010 or 2011. The return is diminished but cap space is made which by then could be a blessing, if its cut by 3 or 4M. If not it frees up space to re-sign A-Train, Foligno, Lee etc. Others are arbitration eligible.

    My guess is no – a three way with Dougie “the tire kicker” Wilson and Dean “Mr cautious” Lombardi, is about as likely as … well … wait for it … “Malkin to the Kings!”

  12. Comrie is an Oiler. Boo.

  13. What’s going on GN? You hearing any of this trade scuttle but?


  14. Master Of Puppets Says:

    Comrie signed for pretty damn cheap. Wow. Comrie at 1.125M or Neil at 2M for 4. Who would you take?

    But then, his return takes a spot from a rookie so maybe its best as is.

    Hopefully someone comes out of this rookie camp and overtakes Regin or Smith for a spot on the big team. That’d be something. To take. Our minds. Off of. This. F@ckin joke.

    Alas, I had a shitload of work dumped on me for today so I’ll be disconnecting …

    $50 says Heatley will be at Sens camp tomorrow.

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