Balsillie may not win, but he is leaving a smoking hole in his wake irregardless.

In a memo from Leopold, then owner of the Predators, Leopold clearly admits moving to S. Ontario is a problem, but going to K.C. would not be.

Anti trust is obviously the angle Balsillie is taking, leaving Baum with a reasonable excuse to dismiss the NHL’s claims of “Character” as being little more than a convenient excuse to foul the bidding process.

The NHL is getting tarred and feathered by Balsillie.

I honestly cannot imagine how this was worth it.

Why didn’t they just give in, and come to a backroom deal, and have thus avoided this no win situation?

Ugly I tell you. Ugly.

Like I said, how bad could Balsillie be compared to the pack of vipers the BOG has proven to be?

Is the NHL really this poorly managed/controlled?

Is Baum realy supposed to believe every owner emphatically trusts every other owner?

And if not, am I to believe Balsillie represents an extraordinary amount of poor character?

In fact, if every owner did work together in the best interest of the NHL, not their own private companies, wouldn’t that in and of itself be collusion?



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