Paradigm Shift From The NHL?

All along Bettman has maintained that Phoenix, with the right conditions, is a viable hockey market.

Well, now…not so much.

In a recent move, the NHL is now arguing that movement this season is unfeasible, and considering franchise movement should be waived for one year.

This is a huge shift in thinking (although their bid tacitly stated this).

Now, if Balsillie can reasonably insinuate Phoenix represents a “dead” market, and show where a move can be accomplished, Baum must at least consider it reasonable to move the franchise, or risk finding the team, and a new host of creditors back into bankruptcy court next summer.

The more Balsillie is forcing the NHL to defend their positions, the more often they make tactical withdrawals.

At some point, they will have to stand and fight, and that may come Sept. 10th should Balsillie win the right to bid.



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