Makes You Wonder.

What the purpose was of losing hockey for an entire season?

To save on salaries?

Come-on, if that was true, why is every team tripping over themselves to circumvent the cap, either the floor, or the ceiling?

These long term deals, with “hush-hush” retirement clauses are insane, as they only lead to teams spending more money, via an artificially reduced cap hit.  If your annual salaries are greater than the cap…you’re abusing the spirit of the collective agreement.

The very agreement you threw away a year to get you donkeys.

FLA, PHX, TBL, LAK, STL, NYI, CLB, ATL and NSH are hanging by a thread, meanwhile, instead of working towards maintaining salary control, as you legally bargained for, these franchises are once again reduced to facing the alternatives of icing borderline competitive teams, or going broke.

The BOG is a joke, as they’ve remained powerless to keep each other from slitting their own throats at every opportunity.

Yeah, Balsillie would be a real rogue, a bully in the sandbox, a fox among the docile chickens…get real, what could he do to hurt the game that any number of other owners haven’t already done in spades?

Bettman, you gutless chicken, either resign, or admit it’s owner/team for themselves, and the BOG is little more than an excuse to play golf and get drunk, and make “friends of the road”.

It’s not the salaries that are out of control, it’s the BOG’s.



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