Gator Hangs ‘Em Up…

And the NHL takes a big debit in the “Character” column.

To me, as a HUGE fan of hockey, not just the NHL, Gator is the iconic representation of a defenseman.

Big, rugged, determined, and a fiery competitor on the ice, while remaining a gentleman off the ice.

If I could be a pro NHL defenseman, I would want to be Gator.

Sure, Green is flashy, and Phanuef can throw devastating hits but, when the chips were down, either on the scoreboard, or in front of the net, it was a guy like Gator the team would look to.  Composed, calm, and ready to do whatever it took to win.

The guy is among the best examples of character in the game, and his retirement will leave us all the poorer for it.

Thank-you Jason, for all of the great moments your career has provided us, every fan of the NHL, no matter our allegiances.

You will be sorely missed in todays era of flash and fizzle, and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Gator, Gator, Gator….


P.s. Murray, please keep this guy around, in whatever capacity, we need him.


One Response to “Gator Hangs ‘Em Up…”

  1. Great entry! Gator will be missed but I’m glad he left the NHL on his own terms instead of being forced via LTIR or waivers. Good luck Smitty and I agree Murray could use him in the organization especially with the flow of young defensemen coming into the big club

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