Baum The Peacemaker?

In this Mexican stand-off, Baum appears to be remaining steadfast in his belief that compromise can win the day.

In response to the NHL’s desire to exclude Balsilie from the bidding process, Baum has stated emphatically it will take a good argument to get him to exclude any bid.

As a warning shot to Balsillie Baum has directly, and indirectly asked the Balsillie team to consider giving Phoenix (and presumably, the City of Glendale) a year to prove their viability.

No doubt Baum wants what’s is best for the creditors, and if forced to choose between to imperfect options (NHL, or Balsillie), it remains any ones guess what he’ll do.

He’s holding his cards VERY closely.  Good for him. as I too believe a compromise is the best solution, long-term.



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