Balsillie Makes His First Major Concession

Baum has gained his first ground in his pursuit for a compromise.

Knowing that Baum is lukewarm at best to the prospects of franchise relocation this season, Balsillie concedes to leave the team in Pheonix, for one year, splitting the losses with the NHL, should they be awarded the franchise, and not have the award appealed by the NHL.

Major concession, but still only an opening bid.

Will the NHL budge on Balsillie as an owner, or remain firmly entrenched in their all or nothing position.

Baum no doubt will be waiting for some sort of concession from the NHL, or it will be viewed that they remain the “problem” party, re-enforcing the Balsillie/Moyes argument that the courts represent the only means of reaching a reasonable conclusion to the Phoenix fiasco.

Nope, the reply was “Balsillie is not a qualified owner.”

The NHL is treading on shaky ground in their all or nothing gambit.

Baum must be ready Bslap somebody!



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