Another Day In The Books

Well, another day, another open ended debate.

I guess we’ll just have to wait for tomorrow, but it would seem to me that Balsillie is at least making a case for himself.

He may not win, but he will have certainly raised a lot of eyebrows throughout the followers of the NHL.  And quite possibly in the anti-trust bureaus of both the US and Canadian governments.

It seems to me the NHL is without a leader.  No concessions, and constantly amending their arguments from a counter punching position.

If the NHL really thought buying the club themselves was a winning solution, no doubt they would have done so months ago.  But they didn’t, and it leaves one thinking they are not nearly so confident as they make themselves out to be.



2 Responses to “Another Day In The Books”

  1. 400 million and not a penny less!!

    Pay it, Jimmy and you are in the show!

  2. As much as the NHL will fight Balisille, he’ll eventually get his team. Whether it be the Coyotes or any other of the soon to fold team (yes Thrashers I’m looking at you). Balisille however needs to stop making enemies and at least try to get the rest of the owners on his side

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