Deano Doth Protest Too Much?

As much as Deano’s scathing review of DDH’s character made me giggle, I have to admit, it did ring somewhat hollow.

Don’t get me wrong, I agree with every word of it, and steadfastly maintain, although harsh, Heatley would be wise to take the spirit of the criticism to heart, but all the same, it did come off a bit self serving.

So, with this unease in mind, a made a few calls.

Yup, I’m not the only one who thought these comments were a bit “strategic”

According to several others involved in the NHL game, the feeling is the true root of the comments are 2 fold.

1. Hell hath no fury…like a GM spurned. – By all indications, and now that the talk is over, the indications are turning into statements of fact, LA was hot to trot in landing the now “pariah” DDH.  When what they felt was a good offer (Frolov, Johnson, 2nd) was rebuffed, well, like the rest of us, we suddenly come to our “senses”, and spin the rejection into a near miss.

2. A panacea for the masses – No doubt Deano is aware that, at some point in the future, DDH may well return to form, and pot whatever club he is renting for the time being 50 odd goals a season.  No doubt Smith, as much as I like him, will not do the same, but while earning near the same salary.  If and when this occurs, questions will be asked, comparisons will be made, and by slagging DDH now, Deano may be buying himself a ready made excuse later.

Again, grow up DDH, you’ll be the happier man for it, but Deano, methinks ye doth protest too much.



2 Responses to “Deano Doth Protest Too Much?”

  1. Damn. Frolov, Johnson and a 2nd look pretty good right about now. Provided we got a conditional 2010 1st rounder if Frolov didn’t re-up. At least neither player’s a salary dump (Cheechoo/Penner), and it would’ve left us room to sign Sykora or Comrie.

    It seems that the assorted GMs who are “interested” are only interested in seeing what low-ball offer will finally get accepted.

    At the moment, it appears Murray’s only play is to stick to his guns and hang onto the bastard. I never thought I’d say this, but keeping Heatley is better than trading him for a bag of hockey pucks. If he puts up decent numbers and keeps his mouth shut for a season, his trade value should go up dramatically.

  2. Ditto.

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