Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Get Worse…

It does.

Gary Bettman, the visionary leader of the NHL (much like, oh, say, Jim Jones), has suffered another stab from his self made crown of thorns.

It appears, at the time being at least, the US TV viewership challenged NHL is about to go dark in another major segment of the TV landscape in the US.   Versus, the NHL’s flagship channel in the US through the 2011 season, due a to a contractual dispute, is about to be dropped by Directv, the channels largest broadcaster.  Right before the beginning of the NHL season.


Just think…that’s gonna be a at least 14 VERY po’d Americans come the opening of the NHL regular season.  Sure glad I’m not working in the Directv mailroom!

Now, this still remains in the “negotiation” stage, and the two sides have agreed to let the process continue until the end of September, but Bettman must be wondering “when will it end”?

Well Gary, if were lucky, sooner rather than later.

Just wondering here, any chance Gary and DDH could get together on a little group counseling?

Then again, there’s probably not a couch big enough to support those two egos at one time.



2 Responses to “Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Get Worse…”

  1. A bit of happy (and sad news), but mostly happy news, since it honors Roy. The sad part is seeing him go, but I know he wasn’t let go because of who he is, or what he meant to Ottawa.



    • Thanks for pointing that out KJ. Roy was a tremendous citizen, and contributor to Ottawa, and deserves every bit of praise, and more, that he gets.
      We can only hope he remains in the community, but I suspect he’ll be heading south…good for him.

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