Hey Dany, Have You Heard The Good News?

Jesus loves you!

Unfortunately, everybody else hates you.

Meh, I guess it could be worse eh?

Yeah, like when you hit the dressing room on Sept 12th.

Jesus wept, that’s gonna be ugly!

In todays conference call Murray openly admits that Heatley has all but eliminated his value.

At best 2 teams remain interested, and of those 2, neither have offered up what Murray feels necessary to even consider making a deal.

Apparently LAK’s are not among the 2 interested.  In fact, their management appear to be the mouthpiece’s for the remainder of the league, going so far as to say;

“Do I want to bring in a Dany Heatley with all that baggage? It might work,” Lombardi said in a report on the Los Angeles Times website last night. “But I don’t think we’re in a position where we can afford that … Maybe a change of environment and he grows up. But my point is, do we need to take that risk right now? It scares me.

“If your core is established and they’ve proven they can win, it’s different. I think you can take that swing. I don’t think we’re in that position yet. Because if we’re wrong, (Anze) Kopitar and (Dustin) Brown and (Drew) Doughty and these guys lose control. (Heatley) becomes the room and then you have a huge problem. And he’s not going to be controlled by them. That leadership group is not strong enough yet to deal with a guy who can change your team.

“I’m not saying those kids can’t do it. It’s still in the formative stages. I don’t need to put that burden on them. They’ve still got to perform and go to another level.”

Hmmm, doesn’t sound to promising Dany.  But, there’s always Jesus, right?

Melnyk didn’t sound enamoured at the prospects of seeing Dany in red, black and gold.  When asked if he would want him back, Big Mel, at best, burbled out a lukewarm, highly qualified “…sure”.


Dany, might I suggest you take Deans advice and grow up, then, with a mature attitude, make a decision on what you want, because right now nobody cares too entertain your immature ego.

Or maybe you should call up your ‘ol buddy Jesus, and see if he can swing a miracle, cause at this point, that seems to be what it will take to get you your trade demand.

What a waste…a damned waste.



4 Responses to “Hey Dany, Have You Heard The Good News?”

  1. GN:

    You “missed” it!

    The idea was to keep Dany all along. You guys didn’t see it cause ya didn’t want to…the block heads could not acknowledge the fact that “Mastermind” Murray was three jumps ahead of them in the game of checkers that is life…Ya can’t even qualify this as a chess game as the moves required were too simple.

  2. Uhhm…is this kinda like be so far behind, you think you’re winning?

  3. GN this is the best post ever! Awesome 😉

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