Alexander, Balsillie & The Gordian Knot

So, is this how it is all going to end?

After months of posturing, has the real sordid truth finally come out?

As discovered by Alexander, the Gordian knot, much like gaining entry into the NHL, is one without an end, therefore, unable to be undone.

Without a sword.

Has Balsillie, by forcing this situation into the light of day, under the scrutiny of the courts, slashed through the Gordian not of the NHL?

It seems so.

In recent fillings, MLSE, owners of the Toronto Maple Leafs, have effectively thrown their own league under the bus, in an effort to stop Balsillie, or whom-ever, from invading their marketing territory.

You see, this isn’t the first time Balsillie has used the courts to challenge the NHL.  In 2006 he instigated a review of the NHL’s competitive practices with the Competition Bureau of Canada.  After some cursory examination the NHL was vindicated of any wrongdoing, primarily by emphatically claiming a team could locate in any geographical area, so long as it received majority board consent.  This in and of itself was sufficient “market access” to placate the competition bureau.

But, in a recent filing, MLSE has been shown to have challenged this statement of procedural fact.  They, MLSE, stated they believe it would require a unanimous, not majority, vote to allow a team to locate within another teams geographical zone.

This would result in the effected team having a “veto”, or guaranteed monopoly.

I wonder how the CCB would feel about this, should NHL franchise competition be put before them again?

And, more to the point, why would MLSE put this in writting?  Well, maybe they think Balsillie’s bid to move a team to S. Ont. would eventually win the day and, to get this all put to rest, the BOG would vote to allow him into the fold, rather than throw good money, and press, after bad pursuing endless legal appeals.

It would seem the knot is unraveling, thanks to the swordsmanship of Mr. Balsillie.



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