Everything Is Bigger In Texas…

Including the rumours.

Just had an interesting chat, indicating Dallas is about to make a serious play for Heatley.

Not saying its true…but, it has merit.

Dallas is in desperate need of offense, and with the expectation of returning to the post season high on the list for all involved, from ownership to fandom, something will have to be done…and it ain’t Brunnstrom.

So what would DAL have to offer?

The first names that spring to mind are Eriksson, Neal and Daley.

Eriksson, a budding offensive dynamo, is exactly the sort of player Murray would love to land in exchange for DDH.

Neal, a young developing power-forward, coming off a rookie season good enough to get him onto the team Canada roster at the WC’s.  And who did he skate alongside while there? None other than Mr. Jason Spezza, and the chemistry was unmistakable.

In the case of Daley, the return is a bit more intangible. Although he’s played a number of season in the NHL, it wasn’t until last year that he assumed a top 4 role, the slot he is projected to esteem to.  Does he have room to improve, or has he topped out at being a marginal top 4? Goodness knows Ottawa has no shortage of bottom pairing Dmen, and adding to this logjam would not be high on Murray’s list of expected returns.

So, if I were Murray, and DAL came knocking, what would I ask for?

Eriksson, Daley


Neale, Daley and a 2010 1st.

It ain’t much of a return, considering the Stars get a proven elite scorer, with term, in exchange, but it does solve the cap issue, adds to the top 6 depth, potentially long term and, if the stars were to align, provide Ottawa with the much needed top 4 Dman seemingly lacking at this juncture.

Would Dallas make this trade, obviously not, or it would have been done already.

But the off season ain’t over…yet.



5 Responses to “Everything Is Bigger In Texas…”

  1. Hope this happens I would love to have Eriksson or Neal,thought I would prefer Niskanen over Daley.This would also allow us to re-sign Comrie.

  2. I agree CT. If Murray can’t get a second line center in a trade, he needs to free up cap room to sign Comrie.

  3. According to BooBoo, BM is interested in Sykora, and/or Comrie, if Heatley can be dealt and no top 6 is coming back.

    Reading Garrioch’s article this morning makes me think that Healtey won’t be in camp, and BM will make a deal if he is talking or conisdering bringing these guys in.

    Why would he be talking to Sykora’s agent if Heatley was coming back?

    What do you guys think about that?


  4. I think if he’s looking to sign Sykora and/or Comrie, that could mean that BM is looking at a deal that involves prospects and picks instead of roster players…. possibly a team without good tradeable roster assets (eg. Minnesota). Some teams may also not want to gut their teams to get Heatley, but are looking at a cup run and would rather shed picks and prospects (eg. San Jose). I can’t see Murray taking bad contracts (eg. Cheechoo, etc.), so maybe he’s considering such a deal. Signing a few proven free agents would solve the short term needs of the team, while the prospects/picks could come into fruition while the Karlsons and Cowens are inheriting the team…

  5. Personally, as I do not believe Heatley will be traded for another elite player, in any position, I’d sooner get a host of prospects and/or picks in exchange, than a few serviceable, but average players and one middling prospect.
    The cap space alone, considering the potential cap contraction, is a good return. Honestly, over the past 2 years, what has Heatley gotten us? So is his leaving, if picks/prospects/cap space were gained in return, really a step back?

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