Ditto. And Hey, Maybe This Isn’t “Irreconcilable” After All.

In an article released today in the Sun, BooBoo repeats what I’ve been told.  Ok, sure, it’s hardly earth shattering, but it is consistent, and reasonable.

The person relaying the same information to me is not associated with any of the rumoured teams involved, but, from a competitive perspective, is very interested in how this plays out and affects his team.

The message to me was “It’s only a matter of time”.

But, I’m not so sure.

I’m basing this take purely on opinion, and admittedly, pie in the sky optimism, but reason seems to have taken a back seat in all of this silliness, so heck, why not…right?

What if…

What if, based upon the universal criticism DDH has received, from all sides, DDH actually has an epiphany and admits, even grudgingly at first, maybe, just maybe, it isn’t exactly as he’s portrayed it to be?

The fact is, once his contract expires, DDH will still be a young man.  No doubt he won’t be hurting for cash, but he will be seeking a “ranking” contract.  You see, IMO, the money becomes irrelevant, from an economic stand point, for elite players.  Instead, the “ranking” of the contract is what matters.  They want 1M more, not necessarily for the utility of the cash, but because it ranks them higher on the status list. These are ultra competitors.

If DDH maintains this “trouble-maker” attitude, it will cost him “ranking” when seeking his next contract.

Oh sure, he may well have a great season next year, and in his contract year, but if he doesn’t “see the light”, he will no doubt remain a problem, even if it doesn’t surface in the media.  It will become obvious he’s bad to the bone.

We all in life have moments of soul searching.  Moments when we have to reflect on failures, and truly evaluate the role we played in its happening.  Some of us simply refuse to do so, and conveniently accept none of the blame, while others, even if grudgingly, accept they played a apart in the result, and in an effort to avoid the same in the future, amend their behaviour accordingly.

I’m not looking for a “changed man”.

I’d be satisfied if DDH came into camp angry, frustrated, and even somewhat disgruntled, but willing to accept, through circumstance, he has no choice but to play his best in order to rectify the situation, and actualize his desire for a trade.

If this happens, and the team around him plays to potential, I truly believe this roster can be among the top tier in the NHL.  Winning is fun, and in many ways that is what I believe to be the route of the problem for Dany.  He’s not having fun anymore. He believes he’s not having fun because they’re losing, and they’re losing because his role has been diminished.

I would disagree, but that’s for another blog.

Ice time, role, system, options, media, blah, blah, blah…at the end of the day, losing sucks.  And, for the last 2 seasons, this team has been losing, a lot.

Does this make Dany a fair-weather friend?  I guess so.  But it also may make him exactly what he’s been labelled, delusional.  Maybe he’s confused his frustration at losing, with frustration over a diminished role, etc. I maintain, if Dany was truly the leader he see’s himself as being, he would have stepped up, and led this team to improved play, not sulked and wanted out.

Maybe winning is what it will take to put the fire back into DDH, the smile back onto his face, and the contentment back into remaining in Ottawa.

It’s certainly happened before, and not only in pro sports.  Marriages break up, friendships are dissolved, businesses fail, often over reasons not attributed the the failure. But, when the reasons are dealt with, suddenly previously irreconcilable differences are resolved.

Again, losing sucks, and winning is fun.

If the team begins to win, well, it isn’t beyond reason to believe DDH may once again become DFH.

One can hope.



One Response to “Ditto. And Hey, Maybe This Isn’t “Irreconcilable” After All.”

  1. Good post GN,its a possibility that it might the case.It makes lots of sense but only he knows the real reasons.

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