Cory “Bunker Hill” Clouston

“We’ll wait and see on that,” the Senators coach said when asked Wednesday whether Heatley would hold on to his assistant captain’s role if he returned to the team. “Until we get … until we see the whites of his eyes in the dressing room, we’ll address it then.”

I’m sure it’s old news by now, but the quote was new to me.

Gotta love it!

Look, maybe Clouston is in way over his head here, and his apparently cavalier, even cocky attitude vis a vis Heatley is a warning sign for future turmoil, but I gotta say, at least it is what we all want to hear.

Honestly, would we want to hear that Clouston is prevaricating to Heatleys position on all of this?

That Clouston is even remotely sympathetic towards Heatleys self defined “hockey decision”?


I want to hear Clouston say he is caught off guard.  To hear that he disagrees with Heatey’s stance.  To hear that, should he return, the very same environment remains, and Heatley will not be treated any differently than he was prior to his temper tantrum.

Seriously, when you see a kid flipping out in the grocery store, doesn’t it feel good to see the parent just basically walk away, leaving the kid to roll around…until he realizes nobody cares, and the big act is falling on deaf ears?

I love to see that.

And, it would appear to me, that Clouston is about two aisles over, and maybe, just maybe, Heatley is coming to realize, tears and flailing notwithstanding, nobody gives a whit what he thinks.

I sure don’t.



4 Responses to “Cory “Bunker Hill” Clouston”

  1. What a great problem solver you are!

    What a great coach you turned out to be!

    If I was your “Captain” (And I am…Alf) I’d say Coach we all gotta bend a little here…give me Carval and the forwards for take the Defence, where we really need the coaching and we’ll all sit down at the end of camp.

    By the way Fish and I will run the second power play!

  2. Af on the second PP…I like it. Kovy on the top unit, with Shannon and Spez, and you have a pretty mobile, speedy attack. Put Kubs and Lee on the points.
    Alfie, Fish, and Foligno line up on the second, with Picard, and Camps on the points.

  3. Alfie Fisher and Foligno clicked well last season and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them together more than just on a PP unit

    I’m excited to see what Clouston will do to this team on the course of the full season. He better straighten Spezza up and make sure Kovalev has no off nights. I like your PP units sensay, when will the season start already 😦

  4. lol, yeah, lets start already.
    Unfortunately, I’m off to Europe right at the opening of camp…arghh (well, I guess it’s not SO bad, lol).
    So I’d love it if you folks will chat here, and do post your “blogs” in the comments section, you all have a lot to say worth discussing.

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