Comrie…Can We Sign Him & Should We?

The fact that Comrie remains unsigned, to me, indicates he is at least in part waiting to have the Heatley situation resolved, before moving beyond Ottawa.

Or maybe I’m totally misguided.

Maybe he is asking for too much, and has yet to receive an acceptable offer anywhere.  The fact remains, he is not a top tier talent, or at least hasn’t been for a few years now.  The hope of any team signing Mike would be that he has fully recovered from his lower body injuries, and is prepared to recommit himself to becoming a legitimate 2nd line forward.

By all indications, Mike likes Ottawa, and the Sens organization, and considering his play in the post season, during the Sens Cup run, Ottawa has fond memories of Mike.  Murray too seems to have an affinity for Comrie, having now twice acquired him via trades.

Personally, I’d like to see Comrie return to play for the Sens.  I believe he brings a great team attitude, both on and off the ice, and, although not a consistent offensive performer over the past few seasons, he does play with a nice edge, and can, through sheer determination, be a difference maker when the chips are down.

I like his spark, and I believe it is contagious, and right now, this team needs more spark.

So Bryan, if you can, I’d sure like to see Mike Comrie back in the line-up, sure, I know you’ve a lot on your plate right now, but, it would be a shame to suffer a lost opportunity, while waiting for DDH to fulfill his destiny as a**hole of the decade.  Actually, if Comrie is willing to return, for a fair contract price, maybe moving DDH now, even for less than a great return, makes it worthwhile, big picture.

Or maybe not.  But if DDH does go for less than a decent return, and Comrie moves on in the interim…well, that would be a shame, IMO.

What do you think?



5 Responses to “Comrie…Can We Sign Him & Should We?”

  1. I hear that Mike wants only 1.3 – 2M dolars. It’s IMO more than fair money for Comrie. I know Senators have cap issue right now, but maybe Murray should take a risk and sign Comrie to two years contract. I remember what Comrie brings to the table on Sens Cup run and I’m sure Mike have all atributes to play second line center.

  2. Agreed, but the cap has to be considered, or the team risks making a SJesque salary dump, leaving them little better off.
    Tough call.

  3. I’d say ..give the chance to the young players ..

  4. I like Comrie too. I would like to see him stay, since he was traded for twice already. It might be nice to see Comrie play a full season with the Sens! 😉


  5. I like Comrie and won’t deny he might be good for the team, but I agree with sam I think we have many young guys waiting to be on the big team and deserve a chance. The likes of Foligno and Shannon can do his job pretty well and the likes of Regin and Zubov deserve to show what they have to offer

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