“Only A Matter Of Time”

That is what I was told, concerning the possibility of Heatley being traded.

We’ll, it’s 2:30 p.m. now…as good a time as any.

With the recent trade of Erhoff & Lukovich to VAN, is something about to give?

Is this the first move in a trade to Vancouver, one of Dany’s preffered teams?

Is this the first move in a trade to SJ, one of Dany’s preffered teams?

Both make sense to me.

By reaffirming his trade request, and doing/saying nothing to mitigate the furor surrounding his potential return, Dany Heatley has made it plainly obvious his relationship with the Senators is over.

What has also been made plain, is that Murray is not going to fold his hand under a little betting pressure.

Murray knows he has the cards to win the hand, and all the bluster from the opposition has done nothing to shake his belief that Heatley represents a valuable commodity, with his rights exclusively held by Ottawa.

And I’m hearing that the other players in this high stakes game are also beginning to realize Murray is not going to fold.

If they want Dany Heatley (and they do) it will cost them a decent package.  There will be no fire sale.

Sources indicate that, unlike earlier in the summer, teams previously “uninterested” are beginning to sniff around.

Deals are being discussed.

Will Dany be trade before the season begins?

I can’t know, but those I’m speaking with believe he will be, and they all, to a man, believe that even if he isn’t traded, Murray still wins.  In fact, some believe keeping Dany is the best route, knowing the pressure to perform he will be under, both from the media, and his own desire to make T.C.

If a deal is made with VAN, here’s my desire;

Eddler, Burrows & Hodgson for Heatley

If it’s a deal with SJ?

It isn’t SJ….or so I’m told.



11 Responses to ““Only A Matter Of Time””

  1. If its VAN they will not give Hodgson or Edler
    It most likely will be
    Kesler/Burrows,Bieksa/Salo and Prospect

  2. VAN has just signed Mathieu Schneider as well,they are well over the cap now.What does this all mean.

  3. Waht it is, and what I’d want are not the same, lol!

  4. lol but with so many D-Men the Canucks must be looking at making a trade with a d-man involve in it.

  5. It means they’re making a move, or so I’ve been told. Nothing concrete, but just before the trade was announced I was told to look to Vancouver for a likely destination for Heatley.
    Until it happens, it’s just talk, I hear a lot of it…but then BAM…a bunch of moves by VAN. Has me seriously wondering if this is going to go down soon (if at all).

  6. All this cannot just be coincidence (at least I hope not)

  7. Burrows & Kesler + Bieksa or maybe Edler (to go with the future Swedes on D) actually sounds pretty good to me! None are 50 goal scorers, but they address strategic needs and spread out the scoring nicely.

  8. True Oman. You don’t trade a 50 goal guy for a 50 goal guy in this era. Heatley will be the best offensive player in any trade involving him. The object for Murray at this point is to;
    1. Address the cap issue.
    2. Replace some of Dany’s offense with a legit top 6 player.
    3. Add to the teams top 4 defensive depth.
    4. Add a prospect or pick to make up for the difference in offense.

    This in exchange for Heatley, and his already paid 4M advance.

  9. Woozle man Says:

    How will Vancouver be a potential partner for Heatley if they are well over the cap? I guess by dealing some package like Pavol Demitra, Kevin Bieksa and maybe one more player. No way that turns out to be Cody Hodgeson, dang. Or maybe they try to send Sami Salo back to the Sens as well? How do people feel about Vancouver as trading partners?

  10. I’d make a trade with Frolunda if the package was right, lol!

  11. BTW, I wouldn’t preclude Hodgson from any package. I’m not saying he would be in, but come on, Heatley is a premier player, and is being courted as such by Murray. He has (seemingly) made it clear he won’t accept a big discount in any trade, so, why would a prospect be considered untouchable, in exchange for a proven elite player?
    Again, not saying it is a shoe in, but to dismiss it seems somewhat arbitrary, IMO.
    But, I see your point, as Hodgson represents the only elite prospect (aside from Schneider) in the ‘Nucks system.
    What about Lou? Would you swap Leclair and Heatley for apackage including BLou?

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