Getting To “Yes”.

Ok, so I’ve read a bit about “the call”.

DDH makes an ass of himself v.3

Oh the Humanity.

Seriously, why didn’t he just spare his reputation, and rather than try to speak, have a photo of himself defecating on a Sens sweater?

It would have had the same effect, but saved us all a lot of time.

You know what they say DDH, a picture’s worth a 1000 words, and you my friend, probably don’t even know a thousand words.

Another lost opportunity.

But I digress (or is that regress?).

No doubt, in it’s own bizarre, and misguided way, the interview/conference call did mark an important step in the conclusion of this fiasco.

DDH spoke.

Sure, he said nothing of any particular value, and certainly nothing that common sense, in the absence of fact, couldn’t deduce, but, strategically, he did speak, because he had to.

And that is the point, he had to.

Time is running out on this little power play, and nobody believes for a second that Dany wanted to make that call.

He did it because, if he wanted to participate in the Olympic camp, he had to face the media, prior to facing the dressing room, and the teams management.

No doubt they, as much as anyone, have questions about Heatleys actions, and the last thing they wanted was to have these questions dog the entire Olympic squad, overtaking the positive picture Team Canada is wanting to portray heading into the Vancouver Olympics.

And all of this marks one more step in getting to “Yes”.

Yes Dany wants to play for T.C.

Yes Dany will have to honour his contract to remain eligible for T.C.

Yes Dany will have to face criticism, from fans and media alike, if he returns to Ottawa.

Yes Dany will have to earn his spot on T.C. by his play this season, and that will be all the more difficult should he remain in Ottawa.

Yes the clock is ticking down.


The one word I suspect Heatley wishes he had uttered a few short weeks ago.

A word he may well soon be saying when next speaking to Bryan Murray.



4 Responses to “Getting To “Yes”.”

  1. This will be over before training camp, the way he spoke in that conference call makes me sure he’s gone. And Clouston coming out and saying, I don’t know what he’s complaining about also makes me think it’s harder for Heatley to come back than we though imo

  2. Have you heard about SJ trading Erhoff and Lukowich to VAN ,does this mean..?You know where I’m going.

  3. Should have said yes to the Edmonton deal you mean? Yes, he certainly should have. Edmonton fans would be happy. Ottawa would be relieved. Clouston would be focusing on concrete line possibilities. Murray would have little-to-no cap concerns. And of course, Heatley wouldn’t look like such an egotistical ass right now… Coulda shoulda woulda. Maybe they were going with a “sure thing” from a team on their list. For everyone involved, I hope it is resolved with a big trade very soon!

  4. Interesting Re. Erhoff and Lukowich now… Sharks shed cap to aquire Heatley? This could also mean that Ottawa could include an extra defensive body in any trade.

    Michalek + Pavelski + VLASIC


    Heatley + Kelly + Shubert/Picard

    Addresses Ottawa’s need for second line centre, top six left winger, and offensive D.

    Make it happen!

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