Comfy Kovy?

Sure seems that way.

How else can you explain discussing playing for the rival of your current franchise.

I guess it comes with experience, the experience of already having been chewed up by the vipers within the Montreal media.

I personally have no real issue with Kovy’s statements.  Sure, at first it was a bit rattling, but, when given a sober second thought, it was actually kind of refreshing.  Here’s a guy speaking his mind.  Isn’t that what we actually want people to do?

He didn’t throw Ottawa under the bus, as some have insinuated, nor has he claimed to be unhappy to be here.  In fact, apart from expressing affection for his tenure in MTL (would you rather he be mean spirited and nasty?) he didn’t say much at all.  He didn’t state he wanted to return to MTL, he merely answered a question, and kept the option open.

No big deal.

Let’s save slagging him for what he does, not what he says.  If DDH has taught us anything, words are meaningless, actions are what matters.



4 Responses to “Comfy Kovy?”

  1. I’m excited for Kovy on the team but at the same time worried about his attitude and consistency. I won’t say he put our team under the bus, but there was something uneasy about the way he said he wants to go back to MTL and Ottawa was his only option being the team to offer him the contract he wants. Oh well, I’ll reserve judgment till he plays

  2. Fair enough.
    It isn’t what you want to hear…but does that mean it’s bad?
    To me, it was the truth, and it does nothing to t prevent him from performing in Ottawa.

  3. I won’t say its totally bad or horrible and has definitely been blown out of proportion but I think with the whole Heatley situation, fans here in Ottawa are becoming overly sensitive about players not wanting to be in Ottawa

  4. Absolutely agree S19. Considering the environment, maybe he could have been a bit more sypathetic to the current circumstances…know your audience, lol!

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