Yasu from Greece

Being out of the loop has been both a blessing and a curse.  I’d convinced myself something went down, but then, when I finally get to a computer, it was just more DDH spin.


More when I get back to NA, and lets hope something happens soon.

Until then…opah!



4 Responses to “Yasu from Greece”

  1. Adam Murphy Says:

    Hey welcome to Greece. Fellow sens fan originating from the ottawa/Cornwall Area and have been in Greece all summer. Thank god for blogs and updates on sites like yours. Hope you have a great vacay here and stay away from those wildfires if you can.

  2. Master of Puppets Says:

    DDH certainly doesn’t have a clue how to put one out.

  3. Hey Adam,
    Where in Greece are you?
    I was in the Peloponnese…amazing, no, check that, stunningly amazing. I was lucky enough to be invited into a friends home, in a remote, yet “insider” vacation village on the east coast. It was the most amazing place I’ve ever visited, it was like one imagines the “romantic” version of Greece to be, olive groves, secluded (abandoned) pebble beaches, castles, remote churches, white washed homes, goats, roosters crowing in the morning, and awe inspiring vistas of sea, sky, and mountain. I’ll be back, and for that reason, I’ll also be keeping the name of the village to myself. It’s in the guidebooks, but, it is ENTIRELY overlooked, with little more than an out of hand reference. The village was full service, with several tavernas, a few boutique hotels, and a convenience/grocery store, so it was truly the best of all worlds. The beaches in the village were out of your mind amazing, and the swimming…it was the first time I’ve ever swum in salt water with such lack of concern…in terms of “creatures” (there are none), and current/undertow (doesn’t exist), etc. Just pure relaxation, from start to finish. But hot…oh…so…HOT!
    I’m glad you’re reading here, and getting your fix, ’cause Greece and hockey (outside of discussions with ex-pats) do not know each other!
    As for the fires, we could smell the smoke one morning, but the fires had no effect on us. The news coverage however, made it look like the coming of the apocolypse…when you cannot read or speak Greek, the TV news left one concerned…til’ you ask a Greek, who dismissed 2/3 rds as “Newsertainment”. But, many did suffer significant (catastrophic) losses, and my sympathy goes out to them, here’s hoping the EU/Greece will provide some disaster relief.
    We also spent a couple of days in Kalamata. Nice. A bit “campy” on the beach, although nothing wrong with that per se (especially if your still young enough to “partake” in the vibrancy), but the revitilized core is going to be stunning when completed. Great vision there, and in time, it will be the crown jewel of the Peloponnese (at least for those no longer young enough to partake in the vibrancy of “the strip”, lol).
    Lastly, Monemvasia…what a treasure! To think a Byzantine town/fort/castle can be virtually abondoned, left in ruins then slowly rehabilitated sympathetic to its roots, making a living town out of the decay…a great experience, and for those brave (or confident) enough to drive the roads of Greece (not THAT bad), well worth the visit.
    It was a great experience, and I’m looking forward to my return.

  4. MOP, lol, Dany starts wild fires!

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