Something Big About To Happen?!


‘Cause, after weeks of watching Murray’s wheels spin, I’m off on vacation.

So no doubt, by the time I dip my toe in the Med, Dany will be traded for Ovechkin, lol!

I have a request for you folks who grace tis blog with your attention everyday.

Please feel free to continue a thread in the comments section of this post.  If anyone gets unruly, just ignore them, don’t engage, they’re just trolls, and they’ll find another bridge to hide under if you don’t give them what they’re looking for…attention.

Feel free to “blog” in my absence, many of you have at least, or more good stuff to say than I do.  I look forward to reading your views on events, and the discussions they produce.

See you all on the 28th, and thanks for keeping the off-season from seeming too long, I do truly do enjoy your commentary, and it makes “blogging” worth the effort.  I’m only the moderator, the readers/commenter’s are the heart and soul of any blog.



13 Responses to “Something Big About To Happen?!”

  1. enjoy your vaction, im sure there will lots to talk about when you get back.
    have fun and don’t worry about us 🙂

  2. Ditto.

    GN, enjoy your vacation, and by the time you get back, I am sure a few things will have been set as far as the Sens roster goes.


  3. Enjoy your break. Always enjoy reading your stuff, and hoping to be able to make my blog as awesome as yours one day.

    And there better be some Sens news by the time you come back or I’ll explode :p

  4. heatley must go Says:

    Have a nice vacation. The summer here, as you know has been a giant suck fest, weather wise, so maybe you’ll fare better where you are going.

    Looking forward to the 24th. Heatley may face the media, and maybe we’ll get some truth to what he really feels. Doubtful, but hey you never know. I think it’s 50/50 between him showing up. Hope he does. The weasel will have run out of places to hide.

  5. Noooooooo!

    You were the one voice of reason in this thing… without you balancing others, I’m gonna have to belive Heatley is going to the thrashers for kubina, kovalchuk, and a 1st… what other choice do i have?

    seriously, have a good vacation, you deserve it, but you will be missed by reasonable sens blog visitors

  6. GN will be missed on this blog over the next couple weeks. I usually scan through several blogs to get my daily quota of rumours, speculation and Heatley related whatever. GN seems informed and doesn’t seem to put on the facade of being privy to inside information like a certain Eklund. I could vent for pages about Ek and others like him, but suffice it to say that he’s just a guy who’s out there trying to bang out a living by selling a product that some people are willing to pay for. Not me. Never me. I prefer to get my fix from other hacks like me who are admittedly subject to the same limitations and access to news that I am. ‘Nuff about Ek and the like. Like most of you or all of you, I’ve been counting the days until training camp begins. Surely the fog will begin to clear as we see Clouston play with different line combinations and some of the young blood get their chance to strut their stuff. There’s a part of me hoping Karlsson can make the team, but deep down many of us should agree that perhaps a season in Binghamton would allow him a chance to strengthen and North Americanize his game a bit. He’s one of the few good young prospects this team has, and I hope he’s brought along carefully. On that note, I shall digress…..I had the opportunity several weeks back, or shall I say my eight year old son had the opportunity to briefly meet the Sens new goaltending prospect Robin Lehner at the prospects camp. He was walking between ice surfaces at the Sensplex and my son stopped him and thrust a pad and pen at him. No question, off came the glove and blocker and my son walked away with a spanky new autograph. Seems trivial to some I’m sure, but to my son it ascertained that for years to come my son will have someone to follow and idolize. Me too I guess. Looking forward to 67’s games this year as he’ll be playing with the Soo Greyhounds for the season the last I checked.

    Cowan, although a big strong talented and near NHL ready defenseman was not the flashiest player Murray could have picked in the first round. No complaints here. It appears, in him the Sens have a first rate defensive defenseman which every successful team must have. Looking forward to hopefully getting a good look at him in the WJHC this Christmas. Once again, he’s a serious longshot to make the team this fall as you’d have to try to fathom which current Sens d-man would be displaced. As it stands now, for Karlsson and/or Cowan to make the team any combination of Smith, Picard, Lee would have to reside elsewhere. It’s a numbers game here and it’s becoming more and more apparent that sometime soon, Smith will retire or be bought out. Lee is developing but slowly. He and Picard….could conceivably find themselves in Binghamton. Let’s be realistic here though. Cowan dominates in junior for one more year, and helps Canada try for another gold at Christmas. Karlsson starts the season with the team but doesn’t necessarily finish the season with the team. His day will come. This has been fun but I’m outta time. Trying to keep the forum alive here, and thinkin’ of starting up a blog of my own. (not because I think I know more than the next guy, just because I could talk hockey all day and it keeps me from actually working while I’m at work!) Hope to keep some discussion alive here. Bye for now.

  7. Well, it looks like we are going to hear Dany come out and say something before camp after all. but don’t expect much more than what is already known.

    TSN has broken that Heatley will be at Sens camp if no trade can be reached.

  8. I would be very surprised if heatley didn’t show up at camp. He has so much to lose and not much to gain

  9. BIG NEWS….. Heatley is going to speak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    He is holding a news conference on friday from his home in Kelowna.

    all I have to say is, Its about damn time

  10. Wish he’d have kept his mouth shut, that was pretty friggin’ pathetic. Oh yeah, teams will just be lining up for you now peckerhead. Murray, do not make a trade – I want him back here for at least a couple of games.

  11. Master of Puppets Says:

    He’ll be here for at least 164 more home games.

  12. Master of Puppets Says:

    Probably, almost definitely after ‘the call’. Something Big did Happen, Dany skull fucked himself out of any more trade options … see you in September …

  13. I don’t think there is any chance he is traded now, maybe near the traded deadline, but even then, that might be pushing it, I think its time for everyone to get their mind set that heatley will be here for the whole season

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